Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Florence Skyline, June 2010
Photo credit: Marianne Montgomery, English


What is MRST?

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program provides an interdisciplinary forum for the study of European culture from the time of the late Roman Empire to the end of the Reformation (c.300-1650 CE). Drawing from courses offered through Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Fine Arts and Communications, students may choose to minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies or pursue an emphasis in MRST through the BA or BS in Multidisciplinary Studies. The material covered in this program is intrinsically interesting and valuable; it would be hard to overemphasize how significantly the major traditions of Western culture and society were shaped during this period.

Benefits of Study

On the strength of its broad-based, interdisciplinary content, Medieval and Renaissance Studies is good preparation for anyone contemplating graduate study in the humanities, social sciences, or fine arts. Prelaw majors or major in any humanities discipline should find the subject matter both congenial and relevant, especially if they are interested in period topics. Art, music, theatre, or dance students seeking to enhance their major would stand to benefit from choosing MRST as a minor. Honor students will appreciate its rich and varied content, as will any student interested in the historical development of religion. And finally, MRST students benefit greatly from the individualized attention of a diverse group of faculty members from a wide variety of disciplines throughout the university.