Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

Florence Skyline, June 2010
Photo credit: Marianne Montgomery, English


Current Offerings

The program offers three courses under the MRST heading. Completion of the Minor requires that the student complete any TWO of these courses. It is recommended that the third be taken as an elective.

MRST 2400. Introduction to Medieval Studies (3) (FC:HU) Comprehensive interdisciplinary orientation to the European Middle Ages (c. 300-1450), integrating decisive contributions in humanistic disciplines, religion, and the arts. 

offered Fall 2013, Instructor TBA

MRST 2500. Introduction to Renaissance Studies (3) (FC:HU) Comprehensive interdisciplinary orientation to the European Renaissance era (c. 1300-1650), integrating decision contributions in humanistic disciplines, religion (including the Reformation), and the arts.

offered Fall 2012, Dr. Kevin Moll

MRST 5000—Medieval and Renaissance Studies Seminar. Prerequisite: 3 s.h. in MRST, or consent of director. Interdisciplinary seminar.

offered Spring 2013, Dr. Thomas Herron

Spring 2013 Topic: Spenser and the Renaissance