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Dr. Tuan Tran, Director
Mult. Studies Program in Neuroscience
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Degree Requirements for Multidisciplinary Studies
with a Concentration in Neuroscience

BS Degree

The BS Multidisciplinary Studies degree differs from the BA degree in that it is more rigorous; more courses are required not only in neuroscience, but in psychology, biology, chemistry, and physics as well.  Students will need to complete 21 semester hours of neuroscience electives instead of 9 for the BA degree.


BA Degree

The BA Multidisciplinary Studies degree, compared to the BS degree, requires fewer neuroscience elective courses, but adds the University requirement of four levels of foreign language.


Double Major (of particular interest to BA Psychology majors)

For students also working toward a BA degree in psychology (see catalog), the following psychology courses overlap with those required  / offered in neuroscience (see neuroscience major checksheet here):


  • Core Courses
    • PSYC 1000 - Introductory Psychology
    • PSYC 2101 - Psychological Statistics
    • PSYC 2210 - Research Methods in Psychology
    • PSYC 3310 - Introduction to Neuroscience


  • Neuroscience Electives
    • PSYC 3225 - Psychology of Learning
    • PSYC 3226 - Cognitive Psychology
    • PSYC 3311 - Neuropsychology
    • PSYC 3312 - Sensation and Perception


As stated in the Undergraduate Catalog (under Double Major Requirements), four levels of foreign language is not required when students have a BS/BA double major and the BS degree is their primary major.  With careful planning, students should take non-overlapping psychology courses in addition to those above, that will enable them to also fulfill the psychology major.


Double Major vs. Dual Degree

See the Undergraduate Catalog for the official guidelines.  Simplified definitions are as follows:

  • Double major:  A minimum of 126 SH are required.  All requirements in two majors are fulfilled – the Foundations requirement of four levels of foreign language is not required if the BS major is primary.  One diploma is issued at graduation.
  • Dual degree: A minimum of 156 SH are required.  If a BA degree is one of the two degrees, then the four levels of foreign language are required.  Two diplomas are issued at graduation.


Second Degree

Students who have already graduated with one degree from ECU may earn a second undergraduate degree by following the requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog which state, in part, that a minimum of 30 additional semester hours need to be completed at ECU, as well as all remaining requirements in the major of the second degree.  If some of the requirements were fulfilled during the first degree, they do not need to be repeated for the second degree.  The Foundations requirements from the first degree do not need to be repeated for the second degree.  All other requirements apply, including the four levels of foreign language for all BA degrees.


Senior Summary

A senior summary is simply a review of the student’s courses taken in pursuit of an academic degree.  The summary specifies the classes that need to be taken during the senior (or final) year in order for the degree requirements to be fulfilled. Once a student has earned roughly 90 SH credit, or is generally within two (2) semesters of graduating, he/she needs to contact Dr. Tran to set up a time to review and sign the senior summary. After the form has been signed by both the student and director, it is taken by the student to the Office of the Registrar for review.  While at the Registrar's office, the student should formally apply for graduation.