Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Request for Applications for Nomination for the NEH 2017 Summer Stipend

Harriot College of Arts & Sciences Deadline for Nomination: Tuesday, July 12, 2016 4 PM

Nomination for the NEH 2017 Summer Stipend must be made by the faculty’s college or university official. For the Harriot College of Arts & Sciences, the nominating official is Dean Downs. To be nominated, interested faculty should prepare the following materials for review and recommendation for nomination to their associate dean for research by four o’clock PM Tuesday July 12, 2016:

1.      Narrative (three page single-spaced pages) that addresses and is organized according to the following criteria:

Research and contribution

o   Describe the intellectual significance of the proposed project, including its value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both. Provide an overview of the project, explaining the basic ideas, problems, or questions examined by the study. Explain how the project will complement, challenge, or expand relevant studies in the field.

Methods and work plan

o   Describe your method(s) and clarify the part or stage of the project that will be supported by the Summer Stipend. Provide a work plan, describing what you will accomplish during the award period. Your work plan must be based on a full-time commitment to the project; part-time work is not allowed. If you do not anticipate finishing the entire project during the ward period, discuss your plan for doing so. For book projects, explain how the final project will be organized. If possible, provide a brief chapter outline. For digital projects, describe the technologies that will be used and developed, and how the scholarship will be presented to benefit audiences in the humanities

Competencies, skills, and access

o   Explain your competence in the area of your project. If the area of inquiry is new to you, explain your reasons for working in it and your qualifications to do so. Specify your level of competence in any language or digital technology needed for the study. Describe where the study will be conducted and what research materials will be used. If relevant, specify the arrangements for access to archives, collections, or institutions that contain the necessary resources.

Final product and dissemination

o   Describe the intended audience and the intended results of the project. If relevant, explain how the results will be disseminated and why these means are appropriate to the subject matter and audience. If the project has a website, please provide the URL.  

NOTE:  If the final product will appear in a language other than English, explain how access and dissemination will be affected.

2. Bibliography—Not to Exceed One Single-Spaced Page

The bibliography should consist of primary and secondary sources that relate directly to the project. Include works that pertain to both the project’s substance and its theoretical or methodological approaches. Reviewers will use the bibliography to assess your knowledge of the subject area.

Please understand the application to the NEH requires additional items such as a resume, materials as appendices, and letters of recommendation. As with all proposal applications, it is important to follow guidelines closely.  For full proposal guidelines:

ECU Deadline for Nomination is Tuesday July 12, 2016 four o’clock PM

If you have questions about preparing your application, please contact Gina Betcher, Grants Program Specialist, Harriot College of Arts and Sciences TEL: 252-737-4389