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Q1.  What is a sponsored project vs. a gift?

A1.  Sponsored projects are externally-funded projects, usually for research or scholarly activities that have a defined scope of work or set of objectives which provides a basis for sponsor expectations. In other words, they have restrictions and the sponsor usually requires some deliverable at the end. The two most common sponsored project funding mechanisms are grants and contracts. A contract is a legally binding document in which the parties make promises to deliver a product or service in exchange for consideration (usually money). A grant is used when one party grants funds to another party to do something, in reasonable hopes that the task can be accomplished. If the task is not accomplished there are most likely no legal ramifications (assuming you have broken no other laws) as would be the case in a contract. 

On the other hand, gifts are externally funded and, although they may be designated for something specific, they typically do not require that a defined scope of work be done or specific objectives be met. Gifts are administered through the University Advancement Office with the East Carolina University Foundation as the award recipient.

Q2.  What are the roles and responsibilities of personnel?

A2.   The Office of Research has developed two documents that identify the roles and responsibilities of individuals associated with sponsor programs.

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Individual Roles of A&S Personnel on Sponsored Programs

Q3.  How far in advance do I need to submit my proposal for review?

A3.  The college has developed a proposal submission policy that is based on the requirements of the university.  There are different submission guidelines for individual, multiple-site internal and multiple-site external submissions.  Please ensure that you follow the requirements that fit with your submission. 

Q4.  Do pre-proposals or letters of intent need to be routed through RAMSES approvals?

A4.  The answer is yes or no depending on whether or not your submission has a budget and/or a match requirement.  The college’s Pre-proposal Policy will help you determine if your letter/proposal requires prior approvals. 

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