Campus Events

Internationally acclaimed attorney Michael E. Tigar speaks to ECU Philosophy Club and Pre-Law Society

Photo taken after the Pre-Law Society meeting on April 6, 2016 of attorney Michael E. Tigar with the president of the philosophy club, Alex Nolte, and another student.

"On April 6, 2016, attorney Michael E. Tigar gave a highly informative talk to members of the ECU Philosophy Club, the ECU Pre-Law Society and interested faculty. Mr. Tigar (Professor Emeritus at Duke University) discussed a some of his more notable cases, including his defense of Terry Nichols in the Oklahoma Bombing case, his successful work with the African National Congress to free Nelson Mandela, and many others. He provided students with a deep, historically grounded understanding of what it means to be an advocate for justice, in the past and now. In 1999, the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice group named him the third greatest lawyer of the century, after Clarence Darrow and Thurgood Marshall."