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Comments from our Department Chair:

Physics is a science that deals with matter, energy and their interactions. The Physics Department at East Carolina University offers undergraduate programs leading to the BS that prepare students for traditional careers in Physics. We also offer more flexible programs leading to the BA and the BS in Applied Physics (BSAP) that can result in careers in numerous professions including engineering and medicine. The Department also presents a range of courses that address the Liberal Arts Foundation requirements in the natural sciences for undergraduate students in disciplines other than Physics.

At the graduate level and in research, the major emphasis is on the application of Health Physcis approaches to the life sciences. We offer programs leading to the MS with options in Applied Physics and Medical Physics, the latter in close collaboration with the Department of Radiation Oncology of the Brody School of Medicine. We also offer a Ph.D. program in Biomedical Physics. In keeping with the biological and medical emphasis of these graduate programs, the research of many of our faculty is oriented towards Biological and Biomedical Physics, two of the fastest growing subdisciplines of the profession. Our research interests include experimental, theoretical and computational approaches to problems in acoustics, lasers, spectroscopy and atomic beams. Our faculty collaborate with colleagues in many other units including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and the Brody School of Medicine, as well as at other institutions.

Physics is not the easiest field of study within the University, but the dynamic, multidisciplinary environment of the ECU Physics Department, makes it one of the most interesting and rewarding.

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