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Dr. George Bissinger


The VIOCADEAS research project in the Acoustics Laboratory approaches the analysis of violin quality from a new direction - measuring normal mode properties of the violin. The ultimate aim of VIOCADEAS is to characterize material properties - geometry, elastic moduli, damping and density - of the various substructures to aid in reverse engineering the violin. The automated data acquisition system includes a scanning laser vibrometer in an anechoic chamber with a rotating microphone array to collect vibration and acoustic radiation information simultaneously. CT scans are being used to generate a solid model in the computer which can then be used for finite element and boundary element analysis, and other simulations. The system will be used to collect a normal mode database over a wide quality range of violins.

Dr. Mark Sprague


The Bioacoustics Research Group has an ongoing project to study sound-producing fish and other marine organisms. Many commercially and recreationally important fish species produce sounds associated with mating behavior. ECU physicists and biologists are working together developing techniques for discriminating species, mapping spawning areas, and counting fish by recording sounds and using spectral analysis techniques. These acoustic techniques are more accurate and faster than the traditional techniques for stock assessment.