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Research Interest:

Radiation physics, radiation-induced cancer risk, and space radiation protection;

Development and biomedical application of radiation transport models;

Development and application of nuclear transport models for relativistic heavy ion collisions.

Dr. Zi-Wei Lin

Dr. Lin
  • Associate Professor
  • Ph. D., Columbia University in the City of New York, 1996
  • Office Location: Austin 128
  • Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30am-9:30am or by appointment
  • Telephone: (252) 328-2941
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Selected Publications:

Z.W. Lin, J.H. Adams Jr., A.F. Barghouty, S.D. Randeniya, R.K. Tripathi, J.W. Watts, and P.P. Yepes: Comparisons of Transport Models in their Predictions in Typical Space Radiation Environments, Advances in Space Research 49, 797-806 (2012) .

Z.W. Lin: Improvement of the Equivalent Sphere Model for Better Estimates of Skin or Eye Dose in Space Radiation Environments , Radiation Measurements, 46, 381-388 (2011).

Z.W. Lin: Quark Coalescence with Quark Number Conservation and the Effect on Quark-hadron Scaling , Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 38, 075002 (2011) .

Y. Jia and Z.W. Lin: The Radiation Environment on the Moon from Galactic Cosmic Rays in a Lunar Habitat , Radiation Research, 173, 238-244 (2010).

Z.W. Lin, Y. Baalla, and L.W. Townsend: Variation of Space Radiation Exposure inside Spherical and Hemispherical Geometries , Radiation Measurements, 44 (4), 369-373 (2009).

Z.W. Lin: Can the Equivalent Sphere Model Approximate Organ Doses in Space Radiation Environments? Nuclear Technology, 166 (3), 273-282, (2009).

Z.W. Lin and J.H. Adams, Jr.: Effects of Nuclear Cross Sections at Different Energies on the Radiation Hazard from Galactic Cosmic Rays , Radiation Research 167, 330 (2007).

Z.W. Lin: Determination of Important Nuclear Fragmentation Processes for Space Radiation Protection in Human Space Explorations , Physical Review C 75, 034609 (2007).

J.H. Adams, Jr., M. Bhattacharya, G. Pendleton, and Z.W. Lin: The Ionizing Radiation Environment on the Moon , Advances in Space Research 40, 338 (2007).

N. Desai, J. Sodolak, B. Gersey, M. Durante, Z.W. Lin, A. Rusek, F. A. Cucinotta, and H. Wu: In Vitro H2AX Phosphorylation and Micronuclei Induction in Human Fibroblasts across the Bragg Curve of a 577 MeV/nucleon Fe Incident Beam , Radiation Measurements 41, 1209-1215 (2006).

Z.W. Lin, C. M. Ko, B.A. Li, B. Zhang, and S. Pal: MultiPhase Transport Model for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions , Physical Review C 72, 064901 (2005).

Z.W. Lin, C.M. Ko, and S. Pal: Partonic Effects on Pion Interferometry at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider , Physical Review Letters, 89 (15) , 152301 (2002) .

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