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John Sutherland uses optical and other physical methods to study the structure, function and dynamics of DNA, proteins and other biological materials. He developed theory and electronic imaging systems for quantifying DNA damage by gel electrophoresis and the method-of-moments, and participated in studies of the damage induced by UV in DNA in human skin and plants in situ, the repair of this damage, and the environmental implications of depletion of stratospheric ozone. Similar approaches are being used to quantify DNA damage induced by ionizing radiations.

He pioneered the use of synchrotron radiation for the measurement of circular dichroism and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy in the ultraviolet/visible spectral regions. Recent innovations include the Fluorescence Omnylizer, a single-photon counting detector that simultaneously records the time-delay, wavelength and polarization of each detected photon, and a beamline that measures circular dichroism of soft X-ray using phase-sensitive detection. Current interests include free-electron lasers as probes of biomolecular structure and dynamics.

Dr. John C. Sutherland




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