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Dr. Yanping Xu

In Memory of Dr. Yanping Xu

Assistant Professor
PhD., North Carolina State University 2006

Publications ( Peer-Review Journal paper):

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Publications ( Conference Paper Publications):

  1. A. W. Bigelow, G. Randers‐Pehrson, G. Garty, C. R. Geard, Y. Xu, A. D. Harken, G. W. Johnson, and D. J. Brenner, "Ion, X‐Ray, UV And Neutron Microbeam Systems For Cell Irradiation", AIP Conf. Proc. 1336, pp. 351-355, Aug. 2010.
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Publications ( Book Chapter): chapter of "Radiation and Environmental Biophysics: From single cells to small animals" in book title Radiation Effects in Materials