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Regina DeWitt

Volume 23, No. 1: June 2005

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Title & AuthorPage
Anomalous fading parameters and activation energies of feldspars [PDF]1
N.K. Meisl and D.J. Huntley
Revisiting TL: Dose measurement beyond the OSL range using SAR [PDF]9
M. Jain, L. Botter-Jensen, A.S. Murray, P.M. Denby, S. Tsukamoto, and M.R. Gibling
Residual luminescence signals of recent river flood sediments: A comparison between quartz and feldspar of fine- and coarse-grain sediments [PDF]25
M. Fuchs, J. Straub, and L. Zoller
Thesis Abstracts [PDF]31
G.J. Susino
Bibliography [PDF]33

Volume 23, No. 2: December 2005

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Title & AuthorPage
Procedures preparatory to setting up a luminescence pulsing system [PDF]39
M.L. Chithambo
A method for the removal of mica from quartz separates [PDF]43
M. Kortekaas and A.S. Murray
Thesis Abstracts [PDF]47
Z-P. Lai
M.W. Blair
Bibliography [PDF]49
Announcements [PDF]55
• 4th New World Luminescence Dating and Dosimetry Workshop, Denver, 2006
• International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences, Lison, 2006
• UK Luminescence and ESR conference, Liverpool, 2006
• 1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Luminescence Dating, Hong Kong, 2006
ISSN 0735-1348
Originally published in 2005 from Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences
Aberystwyth University
Ceredigion SY23 3DB, UK
09 January 2012

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