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The program strongly encourages (but does not require) students to take an internship in a planning agency, firm or related organization. Academic credit is available for internships if approved by the program’s internship coordinator in advance. Students are routinely notified by the program throughout the year of internship opportunities known to be available, but it is the student’s responsibility to secure an internship since the program does not offer a formal placement program. Typically, students desiring an internship for academic credit will sign up for PLAN 3038 (a PLAN elective) for three hours credit (minimum 150 hours of work) and complete the internship during a summer session following completion of their junior year of study. However, internships can be completed at other times, as well. Students may intern with an agency without academic credit, in which case the program is not involved. Also, 1 hour and 2 hour credit options (PLAN 3018 and 3028, respectively) are available. Students of the program are encouraged to take internships, whether paid or unpaid.

Recent internship placements include the City of Greenville, Pitt County, Mid-East Commission, Uptown Greenville, and several other nearby local governments. Students seeking internships are not limited to area employers and may pursue work out of the region or out of state.


Damiere Internship

ECU Urban and Regional Planning student interning at Greene County featured in a local newspaper, 2016.