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Faculty Research

Dr. Misun Hur continues to pursue and demonstrate in teaching and course content. Innovations have included creating a "mocumentary" (mock+document) in her housing and neighborhood planning course and initiation of the "flipping the classroom" technique in her computer applications in planning course. Dr. Hur's research continues to focus on housing and neighborhood satisfaction. She also presented a paper in April 2015, titled “Challenges and Opportunities for Latino Immigrants in Eastern North Carolina” at the annual meeting of the Urban Affairs Association in Miami, FL.

Dr. Anuradha Mukherji returned to Japan during summer 2015 to continue research on land use change adaptation. Her work is funded in part by an Abe Fellowship. The project title of her research is "Planning Urban Recovery and Resilience: Compering Land Use Policy and Adaptation after Catastrophic Events".

Dr. Mulatu Wubneh continues research, publication, and service in Ethiopia. He presented a case study of urban revitalization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopa at the national conference of the Association of Collegiate of Planning (ACSP) in Philadelphia, PA, in November 2014. Dr. Wubneh also continues to be active in committee work of ACSP.

Recent / Upcoming Publications

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