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The BS Degree in Planning

The BS in Urban and Regional Planning at East Carolina University prepares professionals with a strong foundation in theories, methods, techniques, and ethics of planning. The planning program curriculum is a two-year program consisting of 48 semester hours including:

  • 33 semester hours of core courses
  • 9 semester hours of courses in an 'area of emphasis'
  • 6 semester hours of planning electives

As indicated above, the curriculum, usually initiated in the second semester of the sophomore year, includes 33 semester hours of core courses in methods, theory, and law, as well as substantive foundations in geographic information systems, environmental planning, and urban design. Transfers from community colleges can complete the program in two years. The BS degree also requires 9 hours of electives within either the community planning or coastal planning area of emphasis, as well as 6 semester hours of additional planning electives. The courses required for the major are listed below. In the senior year, students participate in an applied planning studio and write a capstone professional paper. An internship is strongly encouraged (academic credits are available). In addition, students must fulfill the requirements for a minor (18 to 30 s.h.) or two areas of concentration (24 s.h.).

For detailed information on degree requirements, see the Pocket Planner.


1. Core (33 s.h.) Required:
PLAN 2410: Fundamentals of GIS (3)
PLAN 3020: Environmental Planning (3)
PLAN 3021: Introduction to Planning Techniques (3)
PLAN 3022: History and Theory of Planning (3)
PLAN 3030: Urban and Regional Planning (3)
PLAN 3031: Quantitative Analysis in Planning (3)
PLAN 3032: Planning Legislation and Administration (3)
PLAN 4003: Urban Form and Design (3)
PLAN 4096: Planning Studio (3)
PLAN 4099: Practicum in Planning
GEOG 2400: Spatial Data Analysis (3) OR
MATH 2228: Elementary Statistical Methods OR
MATH 2283: Statistics for Business

2. Area or Emphasis (9 s.h., choose one of two) Required:

Community Planning and Development:
PLAN 4025: Housing and Neighborhood Planning (3)
PLAN 4040: Community Facilities Planning (3) OR
PLAN 4065: Land Use Planning (3)
PLAN 4075: Transportation Planning (3) OR
PLAN 5985: Historic Preservation Planning

Coastal Planning and Development:
PLAN 4015: Emergency Management Planning (3)
PLAN 4045: Environmental Resources Planning & Management (3) OR
PLAN 4065: Land Use Planning (3)
PLAN 4055: Coastal Area Planning and Management (3)

3. Electives (6 s.h., choose from the following) Required:
PLAN 1900. Sustainable Cities (3)
PLAN 2030. Global Cities (3)
PLAN 3018, 3028, 3038. Planning Internship (1, 2, 3)
PLAN 3041. Computer Applications in Planning (3)
PLAN 3430. Geographic Information Systems I (3)
PLAN 4015. Emergency Management Planning (3)
PLAN 4025. Housing and Neighborhood Planning (3)
PLAN 4040. Community Facilities Planning (3)
PLAN 4045. Environmental Resources Planning and Management (3)
PLAN 4046. Planning and Design Studio (3)
PLAN 4050. World Architecture and Urbanism (3)
PLAN 4055. Coastal Area Planning and Management (3)
PLAN 4065. Land Use Planning (3)
PLAN 4075. Transportation Planning (3)
PLAN 4121, 4131. Problems in Planning (2, 3)
PLAN 4250. Environmental Impact Analysis
PLAN 4270. Water Resources Management and Planning (3)
PLAN 4305. Ecological Landscape Planning (3)
PLAN 4430. Geographic Information Systems II (3)
PLAN 5985. Historic Preservation Planning (3)

See the current Undergraduate Catalog for details on the Urban and Regional Planning, BS