Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Psychology

Marissa Carraway

Marissa Carraway, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Psychology

Office: 2110A ECU Family Medicine Brody School of Medicine
Phone: 252-744-0081

Mailing Address:

ECU Family Medicine Center
101 Heart Dr.
Greenville, NC 27834

Willing to consider taking a doctoral student this year: No


PhD, East Carolina University
BA, East Carolina University

Research Interests:

Dr. Carraway is Director of Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Family Medicine. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship in integrated primary care at Cherokee Health Systems and returned to ECU Family Medicine to further develop and enhance the integrated care program. In her current role, she teaches and mentors medical residents, medical students, and psychology doctoral students in an integrated primary care setting. Her research interests focus on health behavior change, treatment of behavioral health concerns for patients with chronic medical illness, and integrated primary care.

Selected publications and books:

Keane, S., Carraway, M., & Russo, D. (2017). Two NC doctoral programs receive HRSA funding to provide innovative training in behavioral health-primary care integration. The North Carolina Psychologist, 69(1), 18.

Russo, D. C., Carraway, M. E., & Larsen, L. C. (2017). The clinician-patient relationship. In O. J. Sahler and J. E. Carr (Ed.), The Behavioral Sciences and Health Care (4th ed.). Hogrefe and Huber: Cambridge, MA.

Carraway, M., Lutes, L., Crawford, Y., Pratt, K., McMillan, A., Scripture, L., Henes, S., Cox, J., Vos, P., & Collier, D. (2014). Camp-based immersion treatment for obese, low SES, multiethnic adolescents. Childhood Obesity, 10(2), 123-131. DOI: 10.1089/chi.2013.0111

Carraway, M., DiNatale, E., & Lutes, L. (2013). Theories of behavior change: Why learning how to use them will make you the most effective trainer in town. In L. Ransdell & Bushman, B. (Ed.), ACSM's Resources for the Personal Trainer (4th ed.). Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins: Baltimore, MD.