The Department of Psychology offers a concentration in Occupational Health Psychology (OHP) within the Health Psychology doctoral program. Occupational Health Psychology is the interdisciplinary partnership of Health Psychology and Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology with the overall purpose of improving the quality of working life. The faculty of our program focus on areas such as occupational stress, burnout, work-family conflict, workplace aggression, workaholism, addiction, and safety.

Students who enroll in our program will first complete a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology. It is our belief that successful research and practice in OHP is based on a strong foundation of I/O best-practices. We strongly encourage applications from students with an without a Master's degree. However, most students who join our program without already having completed a Master's degree in I/O or related fill will be required to complete the courses with the I/O Mater's offered by our department.

For additional information, please use the links on the menu above or contact our program director. Additionally, our program handbook contains a substantial amount of information regarding the overall nature of our program and a student's progression through it.

Program Director

Dr. Mark Bowler
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC 27858
Phone: 252-328-0013
Fax: 252-328-6283

Careers in OHP

A professional in occupational health psychology works for private or public organizations, many in consulting positions. They can explore how stress affects individuals and recommend stress reduction practices and coping mechanisms, and they change stressful environments through job reorganization. These psychology professionals also work in public health or for private corporations designing and promoting stress prevention policies. Because they are also trained as I/O Psychologists they often work in organizations doing wage and salary administration, human resource development, personnel management, job analysis, quality assurance, selection and placement, and training and development. Research and teaching positions in both OHP and IO are also available at colleges and universities.

Hiring Our Students

East Carolina University (ECU) provides its PhD and Master’s level Applied Psychology students with the necessary skills to efficiently and effectively meet your I/O and OHP needs. Among others, ECU students are prepared to address issues such as:

  • Employee health and stress
  • Work/family conflict
  • Aggression and conflict resolution
  • Employee training and development
  • Recruitment and selection

Our students will address these issues by utilizing their skills in:

  • Statistics and research methods
  • Selection and job analysis
  • Organizational climate and culture
  • Survey development
  • Leadership assessment
  • Training needs analysis and development
Our students are excited to apply their training, gain experience and help your organization address its OHP issues through consulting projects and internships. The internships can range from short-term, voluntary positions to full-time, paid positions, depending on the availability of students and the nature of the project. We recognize the complex structure of the 21st century workplace and we welcome the opportunity to address the challenges facing your organization. To explore the possibility of enlisting the services of an ECU I/O or OHP student, please contact Dr. Jennifer L. Bowler (bowlerj@ecu.edu).