Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Psychology


Clinical Health Faculty

Lisa Campbell, PhD
Health disparities; adjustment to cancer.

Robert Carels, PhD, MBA
Director, Clinical Training
Treatment of obesity; stepped-care approaches to weight loss treatment; weight stigma.

Marissa Carraway, PhD
Primary integrated care; health behavior change; chronic medical illness.

Tony Cellucci, PhD, ABPP
Director, ECU PASS Clinic
Substance abuse and dependence; cognitive-behavioral treatment; borderline personality disorder; HIV disease.

Christyn L. Dolbier, PhD
Stress and health, resilience, stress management, mindfulness meditation.

D. Erik Everhart, PhD, ABPP, CBSM
Interim Chair, Department of Psychology

Clinical neuropsychology; neuropsychology of emotion; cognitive neuroscience; psychophysiology of emotion and decision making; behavioral sleep medicine.

Research practice gap in clinical psychology and behavior change practice;development and evaluation of evidence-informed interventions developed to treat PTSD.

Hope Landrine, PhD
Director, Center for Health Disparities
Health disparities among African-Americans and Latinos; segregation, discrimination, acculturation and health.

Heather Littleton, PhD
Sexual assault; re-victimization risk models; use of technology in prevention and intervention for trauma survivors.

Samuel F. Sears, PhD 
Director, Graduate Studies
Cardiac psychology;patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillators; cardiac rehabilitation.

Matthew C. Whited, PhD
The association between major depressive disorder and cardiovascular disease.

Industrial/Organizational & Occupational Health Faculty

Shahnaz Aziz, PhD
Director, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program
Employee health and well-being; workaholism; work-life balance; work stress.

Jennifer Bowler, PhD
Compulsive behavior; employee creativity; implicit measures of personality (e.g., addiction); team processes.

Mark C. Bowler, PhD
Director, Occupational Health Psychology Program
Assessment centers and leadership; interpersonal aggression and organizational behavior; personality structure.

John Cope, PhD
Cognitive models of job entry decisions; EEO law and disabilities in the workplace; employee selection.

Alexander M. Schoemann, PhD
Coordinator, Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Methods for Social and Behavioral Sciences
Latent variable modeling including factor analysis, structural equation modeling (SEM), and multilevel modeling (MLM); prejudice and discrimination.

School & Pediatric School Faculty

Lori Curtindale, PhD
Development of attention, perception, and learning in infancy and childhood; individual differences in cognitive developmental outcomes.

Jeannie A. Golden, PhD, LP, HSP-P, BCAB-D
Behavioral analytic approach to childhood disorders and school-based mental health; parent, teacher and staff training in functional assessment and behavioral intervention.

Brandon K. Schultz, EdD, NCSP
Adolescents with ADHD; developmental course of externalized behavior disorders; school consultation; school-based intervention research.

Aimee W. Smith, PhD
Pediatric and young adult chronic illness (e.g., epilepsy, sickle cell disease) processes and outcomes, including medication adherence, healthcare transition, and academic functioning.

Debbie A. Thurneck, PsyD
Supervision and training of graduate students; combined-integrated psychology (clinical/school).

Christy M. Walcott, PhD
Director, Pediatric School Psychology Program
Director, School Psychology (MA/CAS) Program
Children with ADHD; inattention and literacy development; effects of chronic health problems on school functioning.

General Faculty

Michael Baker, PhD
Self-presentation; mating motives; health-related behaviors including exercise, nutritional decision-making, and smoking cessation; risk-taking; evolutionary perspectives.

Marion Eppler, PhD
Perception and action in infancy;achievement motivation, mastery learning, and collaborative peer interactions.

Blake Hutsell, PhD
Perception/valuation, decision-making, and reward; drug addiction; quantitative modeling

Faye Knickerbocker, PhD
Abstract and emotional processing, emotion effects, episodic memory, eye tracking, interference effects on memory, language processing, memory failure, and semantic memory.

Lisa Maag, PhD
Language development and the mechanisms by which complex words are understood.

Susan L. McCammon, PhD, CIP
Children with serious emotional disorders and their families within a system of care; trauma; human sexuality.

Jon Reed, PhD
Exploring the cognitive unconscious, with a special emphasis on unconscious memory.

Tuan Tran, PhD
Auxiliary Chair, Department of Psychology
Director, BA/BS Program in Neuroscience
Behavioral neuroscience; animal models of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders; animal models of Alzheimer's.

Kendell Thornton, PhD
The cognitive dynamics underlying motivations and emotions related to interactions and relationships between couples.

Nate Vietor, PhD
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Stephanie Wallio, PhD
Health behavior change, the impact of chronic illness on individual and family functioning, protective factors related to family 
functioning and parent/child relationships.

Karl Wuensch, PhD
Attitudes towards animals, developmental psychobiology, paternal care, evolution, cross-cultural social psychology, forensic psychology, and multivariate statistics.

Adjunct Faculty

Robert Denney, PhD
Ted Whitley, PhD
Larry Bolen, EdD
Jean Cahoon, MA
Brooke Cathey, MA

Marsha Ironsmith, PhD
Amy Lyndon, PhD
Debra McGowan, MA
Ajlana Music, PhD
Rita Rodabaugh, PhD
Gary Stainback, PhD
Ray Taylor, PhD

Emeritus Faculty

Michael D. Brown, PhD
Larry M. Bolen, EdD
Wilbur A. Castellow, PhD
Dennis E. Chestnut, PhD
John S. Childers, EdD
Robert Denney, PhD
Thomas W. Durham, PhD
Rand B. Evans, PhD
Robert B. Graham, PhD
Cathy Hall, PhD
Clement J. Handron, D. Min
Beverly L. Harju, PhD

Ramon Monnie Hedges, PhD
E. Marsha Ironsmith, PhD
Thomas E. Long, PhD
M. John Lutz, PhD
Larry W. Means, PhD
Charles C. Mitchell, PhD
Margaret F. O'Neal, PhD
G. Michael Poteat, PhD
Kathleen A. Row, PhD
Dennis Russo, PhD
Robert S. Tacker, PhD
Raymond E. Webster, PhD

Department Staff

Mrs. Danielle Braley-Winkle

Mrs. Danielle Braley-Winkle
PASS Clinic Assistant
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Peggy Fleming

Ms. Peggy Fleming
Graduate Program Assistant
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Chris Jackson

Mr. Chris Jackson
Grants Assistant
Rawl 118

Christina Suggs

Ms. Christina Suggs
Travel Assistant
Rawl 104

Ms. Latoya Vines

Ms. Latoya Vines
Undergraduate Program Assistant
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Arianna Williams

Ms. Arianna Williams
Lead Administrative Assistant
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