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File Redaction FAQ


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Per HR, we do not have to redact the following:
  1. Marital Status
  2. Dependents
  3. Beneficiaries
  4. Home addresses
  5. Phone numbers
Per HR, we must redact the following:
  1. Birthdates
  2. SS#
  3. Financial Information
  4. Demographic Information
Regarding scanned copies of documents that are on computers: will auditors check computers?

Don't worry about electronic documents at this time. If units have ONLY electronic documents as their personnel file, ask them to contact Laurie Textor in HR. Otherwise, they can save those to go through after this phase of the project is complete.

What kind of financial information needs to be redacted?

PERSONAL financial information that may include copies of voided checks, debit/credit card numbers, and savings/checking account numbers. You do not need to redact salary information or FOAP information.

Do we need to pull and/or redact information from the files of individuals who teach for us but are paid from another institution?

If you have a personnel file for someone who teaches for your department, you need to follow the same instructions for that file. This includes all adjunct (non-paid) faculty/staff.

What are the instructions for delivering the medical and confidential information to AA?

Everything needs to be submitted in manila envelopes, and separated by faculty member (does not necessarily need to be an alphabetical order as long as each person has their own envelopes). The paperwork has to be split into two categories: MEDICAL and CONFIDENTIAL. Any of the “original” documents that you take over that have any MEDICAL information must be submitted in one manila envelope for that faculty member, and then documents containing any other confidential information must be submitted in another manila envelope. You would then label these envelopes, “JOHN DOE—CONFIDENTIAL” or “JOHN DOE— MEDICAL.” If you need to use more than one envelope for a faculty member with so much documentation, you would also number those envelopes.

What do we do with old student employee files (i.e. Grad Assistants, Undergrad Assistants, etc.)? Do they go to archives after two years like faculty files? The retention schedule for student workers' personnel files (self-help, work study, and temp) says to destroy in-office after five years if no litigation. Not sure where GAs and UGAs more closely align with faculty or with temporary student workers?

If your GA/GRA/TA files have been inactive for two years and there has been no litigation involving that student, you need to send those files to archives (following the specific instructions provided by University Archives) and do not worry about redacting information from them. However, files for active GAs/GRAs/TAs and those who have been inactive less than two years will need to have that same confidential information redacted (follow same redaction guidelines shown on the master spreadsheet provided to you).

What do we do with confidential information from student employee files (i.e. Grad Assistants, Undergrad Assistants, etc.)? Does this information go to Research & Graduate Studies?

You may destroy these documents WITH the confidential information at your department level â€, you do not need to send them to another office on campus.