Why Study Religion

The Religious Studies concentration in the Multidisciplinary Studies major:

  • Complements many professions, including business, counseling, education, foreign service, or social work. This program's graduates have successfully moved into a variety of fields
  • Provides excellent preparation for theological schools and various forms of ministry, including ancillary institutional functions such as education, finance, music, publishing, and recreation
  • Creates a strong foundation for graduate work in preparation for research and teaching
  • Informs students in their quest for meaning in life by probing the big issues in human life and action
  • Allows students to combine their study of religion with a major or minor in another program, enabling them to broaden their educational experience and acquire a more immediately marketable skill
  • Helps students to think analytically and communicate effectively
  • Enhances cultural awareness, which is increasingly vital in our ever more interconnected world.

These skills are transferable to many career fields. In our ever more culturally diverse world, this training will serve students well in the 21st century. The program has many graduates who have gone on to successful work in various professions.

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For more information, please contact the Program Director:

Dr. Mary Nyangweso
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