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Russian Studies

Courses Offered: Fall 2002

RUSS 1001. Russian Level I (3) Lab work. P: No previous study of Russian or placement in RUSS 1001 by Russian placement test. First of four-course sequence. Intensive training in basic skills of writing, reading, speaking, and understanding Russian.

RUSS 1003. Russian Level III (3) P: RUSS 1002 or placement in 1003 by Russian placement test. Third of four-course sequence. All language skills strengthened. Introduction to texts which enhance study of Russian in cultural context.

RUSS 2220. Russian Prose of the Nineteenth Century in Translation (3) (GE:HU) Taught in English. No knowledge of Russian required. May not satisfy a foreign language requirement. Content, structure, and ideological background of major prose works.

HNRS 2116. Russian "Beauty " in Exile (3) (GE:HU) "Beauty" has been chosen as the main theme for this course as this concept is one of the most significant and unpredictable for human history and life. The goal of this course is to seek an understanding of the specific nature of the Russian perception of "beauty" through the whole spectrum of fine arts including painting, music, bullet, cinema, photography, theatre, and fiction. The course will focus especially on the Russian XX Century émigré culture and fashion design of Paris, Berlin, and New York. Students will have an opportunity to appreciate the magnificence of Russian fine arts and vogue, to become acquainted with renowned movies, pictures, albums, and fashion magazines. They will also compare the uniqueness and mystery

Courses Offered: Spring 2003

RUSS 1002. Russian Level II (3) Lab work. P: RUSS 1001 or placement in 1002 by Russian placement test. Second of four-course sequence. Further intensive training in basic skills of Russian language.

RUSS 1004. Russian Level IV (3) P: RUSS 1003 or placement in 1004 by Russian placement test. Fourth of four-course sequence. Emphasis on speaking and understanding written and spoken Russian.

RUSS 2221. Russian Prose of the Twentieth Century in Translation (3) (GE:HU) Taught in English. No knowledge of Russian required. May not satisfy a foreign language requirement. Modern Russian literature before and after Revolution to present.

POLS 3235. East European Political Systems (3) (GE:SO) Political structures, institutions, and processes of eastern European. Communist legacy, socioeconomic transformations, and patterns of institutional change.