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A Multidisciplinary Studies major is intended to be designed by a student in consultation with a faculty mentor. For Russian Studies, students may contact Visiting Associate Professor Elena Murenina. But if another faculty mentor is desired, students are free to choose whomever they wish. The curricular proposal must then be submitted for approval to the Director of Multidisciplinary Studies, Dr. Calvin Mercer, who will review the proposal, and if appropriate, submit it for approval to the Multidisciplinary Studies Committee. The proposal form (to be obtained from Professor Mercer) requests students to solicit endorsing signatures from at least one other interested faculty member in another department. Professor Murenina can suggest names. Additional program information about the Multidisciplinary Studies program is available online. The following is intended only as a guide or template for interested students and faculty. Individual course preferences other than these should be agreed between student and mentor.

Concentration in Russian Studies (BA)
for BA Degree

Concentration in Russian and East/Central European Studies (BA)
for BA Degree

First Student to Concentrate in Russian Studies

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