RUSI 4000 Spring 2016

SPRING 2016: RUSI 2001 Introduction to Russian Studies: Humanities (FC:HU)
Professor Elena Murenina, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures
(33680) MW 11-12:15 Bate 2011   ·   299 (33681)

This interdisciplinary course will introduce you to one of the most exciting and mysterious cultures in the world. In one semester, you will "travel visually" through Medieval, Imperial, Soviet and modern Russia, visiting Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Volga River, the Ural Mountains and Siberia. As we define the basic pattern of Russian culture in comparison to Western civilization and the American experience, we will focus on Russian cultural identity, the Russian land and its people, the evolution of ideological/artistic norms and moral values, explored through film, animation, short stories, fairy-tales and fine arts.

Taught in English. All Russian films will be shown in class with English subtitles.
This cross-cultural course is an excellent choice for the Foundations Curriculum (FC) Humanities (HU) / Cultural Diversity requirement. It is also one of two required courses for the Russian Studies Interdisciplinary minor or major.

RUSI 4000 Senior Seminar in Russian Studies
Demons, Dragons, and Deluge: The Fantastic in Russian and Soviet Literature

Professor Justin Wilmes, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures
MW 3:30-4:45  (33682)

In RUSI 4000 students will read several masterpieces of Russian literature spanning the 19th-21st centuries. The texts include novels, short stories, and poems by Bulgakov, Gogol, Kharms, Petrushevskaya, Shvarts, and other major Russian writers. The focus of our discussion will be the Fantastic and its importance in both the Russian literary tradition and world literature.
As the capstone for the Russian Studies Interdisciplinary Program, this course will engage and enrich students’ knowledge of Russian history and society by analyzing these works in their cultural contexts. Students will engage primary texts, as well as critical and theoretical texts, to present their interpretations of the works in class and in course papers.

How I Ended Last Summer

RUSS 2120 Introduction to Russian Culture. (FC:HU)
Professor Irina Swain, Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures
Taught online (34689).

Designed for students who have no prior knowledge of the Russian language, culture or history. The course will introduce one of the world's most enigmatic cultures by examining masterpieces of Russian literature, art, music and film. In addition to the content knowledge of Russian cultural history, students learn to appreciate literature, film and the arts. Another goal of the course is to develop critical thinking skills to address global challenges. Taught in English ONLINE.

FALL 2015: RUSS 3230 Russian Contemporary Film (FC:HU)
85840, also available in Honors section 299 (85841) Instructor: TBA
Times offered: M W 3:30-4:45 pm
Film Screenings: W: 6:30 pm

This newly designed course will explore modern Russian film within both the ‘imperial’ myth-making and the ‘liberal’ discourse of contemporary auteur and art-house cinema. Special attention will be given to the Russian “new wave – informally known as “the new quiet ones” (novye tikhie) - a group of filmmakers that has emerged since 2000, who utilize a new cinematic language that draws upon the national and international filmic tradition, steers away from producing blockbusters and celebrity and glamour culture, and focuses on niche art-house films that have a dedicated audience world-wide” (Vlad Strukov). We will learn how to appreciate and analyze foreign films as visual texts and cultural artifacts in the complexity of their social, political and aesthetic contexts. Taught in English. All Russian films will be shown with English subtitles.  May count toward either the Foundation Curriculum: Humanities (FC: HU) requirement, or Russian studies minor/major elective, or International Film credit for the Film Studies minor.

Spring 2016:

HIST History of Imperial Russia 1682-1917

R. Hernandez. 001 (35548) MWF 9-9:50 B B301.

RUSI 2001 Intro to Russian Studies: Humanities.

E. Murenina. 001 (33680) MW 11-12:15 Bate 2011   ·   299 (33681).

RUSI 4000 Seminar in Russian Studies

Demons, Dragons, and Deluge: The Fantastic in Russian and Soviet Literature
J. Wilmes. TBA (33682) MW 3:30-4:45 Bate 1015.

RUSS 1002 Russian Level II

J. Wilmes. 001 (33683) MWF 1:00-1:50 Bate 1020.

RUSS 1004 Russian Level IV.

E. Murenina. 001 (33684) MW 2-3:15 Bate 2011.

RUSS 2120 Intro to Russian Culture.

I. Swain. 001 (33689) WWW.


Fall 2015:

RUSS 1001 Russian Level I.

Staff. 001 (83915) MWF 11-11:50 Bate 1030   ·   002 (83930) MWF 11-11:50 Bate 2015

RUSS 1003 Russian Level III.

E. Murenina. 001 (83935) MWF 12-12:50 Bate 1018.

RUSS 3230 Russian Contemporary Film.

Staff. 001 (85840) MW 3:30-4:45, Screenings W 6:30 Bate 2015   ·   299 Honors (85841)

RUSS 3700 Russian Comp. & Conv. thru Film.

E. Murenina. 001 (85839) MW 2:00-3:15 Bate 1018.

Summer II 2015:

RUSS 2120 Intro to Russian Studies.

I. Swain. 001 (60293) WWW