The Russian Studies program at East Carolina University educates students to be adaptable to a multilingual and multicultural world in the 21st Century, and provides students with an innovative curriculum on historical and modern Russia in its political, social, and economic dimensions, integrated with Russian language, literature, culture, film, arts and mass media. Our interdisciplinary approach integrating the Humanities, Social Sciences and Fine Arts, the quality and variety of our liberal arts education, our early mentoring in undergraduate research and study-abroad opportunities, and our use of multimedia and technology in the classroom, equips ECU students with highly competitive skills for today’s global economy.
Our mission is to promote a high level of instructional quality in undergraduate language courses; to offer an excellent Foundations Curriculum that introduces students to all dimensions of Russian culture and society through a global perspective with critical thinking skills; to integrate the areas of our research interests, creative activities, service and teaching practice in Russian Studies into a fruitful collaboration between ECU students, faculty, and community; to lend our professional expertise by broad variety of educational, research, administrative, consulting and translational practices to the University, public groups, and professional organizations on the local, state, national, and international level.