Department of Sociology
Degree Programs - B.S.

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Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Program

As a Sociology major at ECU, you will study social life and social change in a variety of settings. Sociologists explore the structure of groups organizations, and societies, and people's interactions in these contexts. The subject matter of Sociology includes, but is not limited to, families, work settings, sports, the law and criminal justice system, medicine, economics, politics, and the dimensions of race, gender, sexuality, social class, and aging.

The curriculum emphasizes the development of oral and written communication skills, critical reasoning, and computer applications, all of which are necessary for successful career development.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the major, you will choose either a minor from another department or one of the following career path concentrations:

Applied Social Research:
This concentration emphasizes skills in collecting and analyzing social data, including related computer applications. It is recommended for students interested in social policy analysis, program evaluation, institutional research, social environmental assessment, health research, and market research.

Social Diversity:
This concentration emphasizes awareness and appreciation of social differences including class, race and ethnicity, gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation. These characteristics are investigated in both American society and cultures around the world. It is recommended for students interested in social inequality, intergroup relations and conflict, and programs and policies addressing these issues.

Marriage and Family:
This concentration focuses on the analysis of social trends, issues, and challenges involving families. Students interested in working with programs that serve the needs of children, adolescents, couples, families, and the elderly should pursue this concentration.

Law and Society:
This concentration is designed for students who are interested in the legal profession and the creation and application of law. Students preparing for law school or for careers involving knowledge of the law and the criminal justice system are encouraged to pursue this area of study.

Checksheets are available to help you organize your course choices. All students must complete the Foundations Curriculum Checksheet. B.S. students must complete the B.S. Checksheet and a concentration or a minor checksheet. Minor checksheets must be tailored to the requirements of your specific minor. Information about minors as well as descriptions of courses are available in the ECU Undergraduate Catalog.

If you would like further information regarding the B.S. Program, please e-mail our Undergraduate Program Director.