Community College Teaching Practicum Option

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Community College Teaching Practicum Option (30 Credit Hours)
The Community College Teaching Practicum Option is for students intent on pursuing a career in higher education as a community college faculty member. Graduates from this track have secured full-time positions throughout North Carolina’s Community College system.
The course requirements for this option are identical to the Applied Social Research Practicum Option. The only difference is the requirements for the practicum: 1) their six-credit Practicum is focused on best practices in teaching as described below; 2) their Practicum involves completing a one semester teaching mentorship program in which they attend and/or conduct lectures in an ECU Sociology professor’s SOCI-2110-Introduction to Sociology course, develop a portfolio of teaching materials, and perform some sort of assessment of a selected teaching technique; 3) select students are given the chance to teach their own undergraduate SOCI-2110-Introduction to Sociology course; and 4) students are encouraged to take all their Graduate Elective Courses in Sociology, in order to expand the substantive areas they are able to teach in. The requirements for this option are as follows:
Course Number and Title:                                                             
1. SOCI 6459-Modern Sociological Theory 3 credit hours              
2. SOCI 6488-Research Methods and Design 3 credit hours           
3. SOCI 6212, 6213-Social Statistics 3 credit hours                                             
4. SOCI 6312, 6313-Multivariate Techniques and Analysis 3 credit hours    
5. Graduate Level Sociology Electives (5000 or above)* 6 credit hours   
7. Graduate Level Sociology or Other Electives (5000 or above)* 6 credit hours    
8. Teaching Mentorship **                                                                       
9. SOCI 6992-Practicum (two semesters) ** 6 credit hours      
10. Teach One Section of SOCI-2110-Introduction to Sociology***      
11. SOCI 8000-Comprehensive Exam (Theory, Methods, Stats) ****   
Total 30 credit hours              

*All courses taken outside of department must be approved by the Graduate Director.  A minimum of six elective credits must be taken in Sociology, and a maximum of six credits may be taken outside of the department. Students may have this requirement waived by the Graduate Director, if they are enrolled in an official second graduate degree or certificate. However, students must have 18 completed course credits in Sociology, (not including thesis), along with a Teaching Mentorship, if they wish to teach an undergraduate course in the department (Student Teaching is subject to approval of the Department of Sociology’s Chair, Graduate Director, and Undergraduate Director, see Appendix J).
** Subject to Graduate Director Approval. See the discussion of the Practicum.
***Subject to approval of the Chair, Graduate Director, and Undergraduate Director.
**** Students do not enroll in this course, but fulfill this requirement after passing all three content area sections

The following is a typical class schedule for a student beginning in the Fall Semester under the Community College Teaching Practicum Option:



* Subject to Graduate Director approval

** Subject to approval of the Chair, Graduate Director, and Undergraduate Director.