Meet our current Graduate Students!!


Kristen V. Flowers
Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC

Course of Study: Extended Course Work

Career Plans: I plan to further my education and become a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Research Interests: Marriage, Inequality.


Chrajon Frederick

Hometown: Clayton, NC

Course of Study: Between prep for doctoral studies or community college teaching. Undergraduate Major: Criminal Justice

Research Interests: Social Deviance, Policing, Poverty, Marriage and Family

Career Plans: In the future I want to work for a law enforcement agency at the state or federal level. I plan to obtain a PhD in Criminology to be able to teach, develop and test policies, and administer agencies and programs designed to govern law, deliver justice, and reduce crime.

Taylor Hilliard
Hometown: Quakertown, PA

Course of study: Prep for Doctoral Studies.

Research Interests: Gender, Human Trafficking, Poverty.

Career Plans: Post masters I hope to continue pursuing a Phd.

Jerry Johnson Jr.

Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC

Course of Study: I graduate with a BA in Psychology in 2016 at ECU, and now in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Sociology. I plan on continuing my education and earning a Phd in Sociology.

 Research Interests: My area of interests are Race, Inequality, Power relations and group interaction.

Career Plans: There are many career opportunities for someone with a background in Sociology, but I plan on becoming a professor.

hannah morris

Hannah Morris

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Course of Study: Prep for Doctoral Studies.

Research Interests:Gender, Sexuality, Social Psychology.

Career plans:To obtain my PhD in Sociology and teach in a University setting.

Tyler Matthew Beasley

Hometown: Elizabethtown, NC

Course of Study: Prep for Doctoral Studies

Research Interests: Religion and Society, Religion and Ethics; Religions of Africa and the African Diaspora; the efficacy of religious folk-healing traditions among African American communities.

Career Plans: After obtaining his MA in Sociology, Tyler hopes to attend a PhD program for Sociology, focusing his research on folk-healing traditions in Southeastern North Carolina. He has published research on the relationship between religion and the human condition, has been invited to speak at the University of Oxford, Erfurt University, and the Imperial College of London. Tyler is also The Representative of the Graduate School at East Carolina University.

jaylen rodgers

Jaylen Rodgers

Hometown: Greenville, NC

Course of Study: First year of Graduate Studies

Research Interests: Power structures and societal inequalities

Career Plans: I would like to become an author and write books about the influences of institutional power


Monica Calderon

Hometown: Ibague, Colombia

Research Interests: Poverty and Inequality, Labor Market and Social Capital

Career Plans: I'm economist and I’ve been working as professor of economics during the last ten years in a University in my hometown. When I finish my MA in Sociology, I hope to attend a PhD program and continue my work as professor and researcher.

Sherrie Lucas

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Course of Study: Thesis Track

Career Plans: I plan to earn my PhD.

Research Interests: Social Psychology, Culture, Family.

Amy Bright

Hometown: I consider Greenville my home, but I have spent the majority of my adult life in Charlotte, NC.

Course of Study: I will be completing a research practicum for my Master's Degree.

Career Plans: My plans are to work in Higher Education, either in student affairs, or teaching.

Research Interests: Race, Gender, Inequality, Criminal justice reform.

Haita Toure

Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Course of Study: To be determined.

Research Interests: Human trafficking and Race and Gender inequality.

Career Plans: To work with human trafficking victims and work against it.

justin vieira

Justin Vieira

Hometown: Scituate, RI

Course of Study: Prep for Doctoral studies

Research Interest: Social Inequality, Social Stratification, Race, and Conflict.

Career Plans: I plan to be a college professor at a university that allows me to pursue my research interests.


Marah Barrow

Hometown: Archdale, NC

Course of Study: I graduated from ECU in 2014 with a BS in History Education and BA in History. I am on the Non-Thesis Extended Coursework track for my Masters in Sociology with a certificate in Public Management and Leadership.

Research Interests: My area of interests include education, inequality, and political/social movements.

Career Plans: I plan to work in the area of education policy, with a focus on programs that could improve the public education system in the US.