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Melinda D. Kane

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, 2000
Office: Brewster A-404
Tel: 252.737.2478
E-mail: kanem@ecu.edu

Selected Publications and Papers In Progress

Melinda D. Kane and Thomas A. Elliot. 2014. "Turning to the Courts: A Quantitative Analysis of the Gay and Lesbian Movement's Use of Legal Mobilization." Sociology Focus 47(4): 219-237.

Melinda D. Kane. 2013. "Finding 'Safe' Campuses: Predicting the Presence of LGBT Student Groups at North Carolina Colleges and Universities." The Journal of Homosexuality 60(6): 828-52.

Melinda D. Kane. 2013. "LGBT Religious Activism: Predicting State Variations in the Number of Metropolitan Community Churches, 1974-2000." Sociological Forum 28(1): 135-158.

Jason Lee Crocket and Melinda D. Kane. 2012. "Mobilizing in Response to Threat: The Case of the Ex-Gay Movement." Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change 33:227-256.

  • Nominated, 2013 Distinguished Article Award, Section on Sexualities, American Sociological Association
  • Karen L. Hayslett and Melinda D. Kane. 2011 “‘Out’ in Columbus: Neighborhood Level Variations in Gay and Lesbian Concentration.” City & Community 10(2):131-156.

    Melinda D. Kane. 2010. "You've Won, Now What? The Influence of Policy Success on Gay and Lesbian Mobilization, 1974-1999." The Sociological Quarterly 51:255:277.

    Social Movements

    Stratification and Inequality

    Gay and Lesbian Politics


    Political Sociology