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The Sociology minor can be combined with virtually any major the University offers. The minor exposes students to core concepts in Sociology but also allows enormous flexibility in choosing additional Sociology coursework so that the student may design the minor around their own interests. For example, in addition to other options, Business Administration students might choose to take SOCI 3500 (Economy and Society); Psychology majors might choose SOCI 3234 (The Individual in Society) and/or SOCI 3325 (Sociology of Human Sexuality); Criminal Justice majors might choose to take SOCI 3220 (Sociology of Deviant Behavior) and/or SOCI 4330 (Criminology); students who are Premed, in Allied Health professions, or Nursing might choose to take SOCI 3100 (Sociology of Aging) and/or SOCI 3327 (Introductory Medical Sociology).

If you would like further information regarding the Sociology minor, please e-mail Dr. Mamadi Corra

Required Courses 6 s. h.

SOCI 2110 Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 4337 Principles of Sociology (offered during Spring semesters only)

Sociology electives 18 s. h. (at least 12 s. h. must be above the 1999 level)