East Carolina University
Center for Diversity & Inequality Research

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Our Researchers


  • Don Bradley: Retirement Migration, inequalities
  • Richard Caston: inequalities, public health
  • Mamadi Corra: African and African-American studies, Inequality
  • Bob Edwards: democratic social movements, environmental sociology
  • Charles Garrison: religious movements, poverty
  • AJ Jacobs: urban inequalities, economic development
  • Arunas Juska: rural inequalities in Eastern Europe, privatized policing
  • Melinda Kane: gay and lesbian movements, gender and the law
  • Sitawa Kimuna: HIV/Aids in Africa, gerontology in Africa
  • David Knox: human sexuality, gender
  • Jim Mitchell: Gerontology, public health
  • Linda Mooney: Inequality, GLBT issues
  • Susan Pearce: immigrant women, domestic violence
  • Rebecca Powers: race and ethnicity, gender
  • Christa Reiser: gender, inequalities
  • DD Schacht: inequalities
  • Marieke Van Willigen: gender and race
  • Ken Wilson: inequalities, economic development
  • Leon Wilson: inequalities, religion