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Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill 2014
Office: Brewster A-407
Tel: 252.328.4895
E-mail: campbellco16@ecu.edu

Curriculum Vita

Areas of Interest:


Selected Publications and Papers:

Campbell, Colin, and S. Michael Gaddis. Forthcoming. “`I Don’t Agree with Giving Cash’: A Survey Experiment Examining Support for Public Assistance.” Social Science Quarterly.

Campbell, Colin. 2016. “The Formative Years, Economic Hardship, and Beliefs about the Government’s Role in Lessening Poverty.” Social Problems 63: 244-65.

Campbell, Colin, and Jonathan Horowitz. 2016. “Does College Influence Sociopolitical Attitudes?” Sociology of Education  89: 40-58. (equal authorship)

Campbell, Colin. 2015. “High School Dropouts After They Exit School: Challenges and Directions for Sociological Research.” Sociology Compass 9: 619-29.

Campbell, Colin. 2015. “The Socioeconomic Consequences of Dropping Out of High School: Evidence from an Analysis of Siblings.” Social Science Research 51: 108-18.

Campbell, Colin, and Jessica Pearlman. 2013. “Period Effects, Cohort Effects, and the Narrowing Gender Wage Gap.” Social Science Research 42: 1693-1711. (equal authorship)

Campbell, Colin. 2012. “Low-Wage Mobility During the Early Career.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 30: 175-85.

Poulson, Stephen C., and Colin Campbell. 2010. “Isomorphism, Institutional Parochialism, and the Sociology of Religion.”  The American Sociologist 41: 31-47.

Chaudry, Ajay, Christopher Wimer, Suzanne Macartney, Lauren Frohlich, Colin Campbell, Kendall Swenson, Don Oellerich, and Susan Hauan. 2016. Poverty in the United States: 50 Year Trends and Safety Net Impacts. Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation. Washington, DC: US Department of Health and Human Services.

Campbell, Colin. 2013. “Poverty” in Sociology of Work: An Encyclopedia, edited by Vicki Smith. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Current Projects:

Pilkauskas, Natasha, Colin Campbell, and Christopher Wimer.“Giving Unto Others: Private Financial Transfers and Material Hardship Among Families with Children.” Under Review.

Campbell, Colin. “Material Hardship and Access to Social Support.” Under Review.