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David Knox

David Knox

Ph.D., Florida State University 1969
Office: Brewster A-419
Tel: 252.328.4896

Curriculum Vita

Areas of Interest: Dating, Marriage, Family, Human Sexuality


Selected Publications and Papers

Knox, D., Easterling, B.B. and Nelms, J. 2012. The Relationship Talk: Assessing partner commitment. College Student Journal 46: 178-182

Knox, D., Dotson-Blake, K.P. and Zusman, M. 2012. Exploring social sexual scripts related to oral sex: A profile of college student perceptions. The Professional Counselor. 2: 1-11.

Choices in Relationships 10th ed. (with Caroline Schacht). Belmont, California: Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2010

When I Fall in Love Again: A New Study of Finding and Keeping the Love of Your Life (with Jane Merrill). Santa Barbra, California: Praeger Press, 2010Vail-Smith, D. Knox and L. Whetstone. 2010. The illusion of safety in "Monogamous" Undergraduate Relationships. American Journal of Health Behavior 34 January/February  (in press)

The Dancer's Gift:  An Introductory Sociology Novel, 6th ed. (with Meredith Kennedy, Marty E. Zusman, and Caroline Schacht) ECU Press, 2010

Behavioral Family Therapy (with Brian Crisp) ) Chapel Hill, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2009

The Social Context View of Sociology (with Marty Zusman and Tracie Gardner) Chapel Hill, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2009.

Knox, D. and K. McGinty. 2009. Searching for homogamy: An In-class exercise. College Student Journal 43: 243-247

Knox, D. and M. Zusman. 2009.  Sexuality in White: Data from 783 Undergraduates.  Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality Volume 12 June 26

Knox, David, M. Zusman, Aimee White, and Gerald Haskins. 2009. Coed anger over Romantic partner's video game playing. Psychology Journal 6: 10-16

Knox, D. and M. Zusman 2009. Become involved with someone on the rebound? How fast should you run? College Student Journal 43: 99- 104

Richey, E., D. Knox, and M. Zusman 2009. Sexual values of 783 undergraduates. College Student Journal 43: 175- 180Trade Books:Choices in Sexuality, 3nd ed. (with Susan L. McCammon). Mason, OH: Thomson Publishing Co. 2007

Marriage and the Family: A Brief Introduction (with Caroline Schacht). Belmont, California: Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1999                   

Divorced Dad’s Survival Book (with Kermit Leggett) Reading, Mass:Perseus Books, 2000

Living Sociology  St. Paul: West Publishing Co., 1990

Research Interests:

Prayer in romantic relationships, secrets in romantic relationships, military wives of deployed servicemen, gay behavior of heterosexuals, self disclosure in romantic relationships, wedding night expectations and office romances.