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David Knox

David Knox

Ph.D., Florida State University 1969
Office: Brewster A-419
Tel: 252.328.4896

 Areas of Interest: Relationships, Marriage, Family, Sexuality. 

Knox has a profound interest in the above content areas and regularly attends regional and national conferences.  He is the author/co-author of five textbooks and 125 journal articles. 

Recent Publications  

Elliott,  L., B. Easterling, D. Knox. 2016. Taking chances in romantic relationships. 

College Student Journal, 50: 241-245.

Fulle, A., I. J. Chang, D. Knox. 2016. Female sexual hedonism: Navigating stigma. 

College Student Journal. 50: 29-34

Burke, S. W., K. Vail-Smith, J. Brinkley and D. Knox. 2014.  Sexting on the college 

campus. Vol 17. Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality.

Freysteinsdóttir, F. J., S. Skulason, C. Halligan and D. Knox. 2014.  U.S. and Icelandic

college student attitudes toward relationships/sexuality. College Student Journal

            48: 355-361.  

Halligan, C., J. Chang and D. Knox. 2014.  Positive effects of parental divorce on  undergraduates.  Journal of Divorce and Remarriage. 55: 557-567

Knox, D. "Text me": Impact of technology on today's romantic relationships.  2014

Family Focus.   National Council on Family Relations.  December issue on Dating  and 

            Mate Selection.

Current research:

Parenthood versus being childfree, power in relationships, acceptance and use of  robots, marriage and family patterns cross culturally.