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Lee Maril

Lee Maril

Ph.D. Washington University 1973
Office: Brewster D-303
Tel: 252.328.6147

 Dr. Maril has focused spent much of his time translating his research into relevant public policies and, to that end, has testified about his research in a number of different settings including the U.S. Senate, the U.S House of Representatives, federal courtrooms, and public hearings. He has served as a consultant for both local, state, and federal agencies and for the private sector.  His academic degrees are from Grinnell College, the University of Indiana-Bloomington, and Washington University.

Dr. Maril’s wife, Dindy Reich, is a metal smith and jeweler who teaches in the ECU School of Art.  They have five children and, to date, seven grandchildren, all of whom keep them very busy.

Areas of Interest: Inequalities, Fracking, Government


Selected Publications: 

The Latino American Wrestling Experience: 100 years of wrestling in the United States, Jorge Iber and Robert Lee Maril. National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, March, 2013.

The Fence: National Security, Public Safety, and Illegal Immigrants along the US-Mexico Border. Robert Lee Maril. Texas Tech University Press. March, 2011. 

Patrolling Chaos: The United States Border Patrol in Deep South Texas (Texas Tech University Press, August, 2006, paperback). 

Waltzing with the Ghost of Tom Joad: Poverty, Myth, and Low-Wage Labor in Oklahoma: Robert Lee Maril. University of Oklahoma Press, 2000. Paperback 2002. 

"The Socio-Economic Impact of the McAllen Sector Border Patrol Upon Hidalgo Country." Alberto Davila and Robert Lee Maril. McAllen, Texas. 2001. 

Current Projects: 

Earthquakes, Fracking, and Governmental Leadership: A Regional Study of Oklahoma