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Lee Maril

Lee Maril

Professor, Chair
Ph.D. Washington University 1973
Office: Brewster D-303
Tel: 252.328.6147
E-mail: marilr@ecu.edu

 Dr. Maril has focused spent much of his time translating his research into relevant public policies and, to that end, has testified about his research in a number of different settings including the U.S. Senate, the U.S House of Representatives, federal courtrooms, and public hearings. He has served as a consultant for both local, state, and federal agencies and for the private sector.  His academic degrees are from Grinnell College, the University of Indiana-Bloomington, and Washington University.

Dr. Maril’s wife, Dindy Reich, is a metal smith and jeweler who teaches in the ECU School of Art.  They have five children and, to date, seven grandchildren, all of whom keep them very busy.




Selected Publications:

The Latino American Wrestling Experience: 100 years of wrestling in the United States, Jorge Iber and Robert Lee Maril. National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, March, 2013.

The Fence: National Security, Public Safety, and Illegal Immigrants along the US-Mexico Border. Robert Lee Maril. Texas Tech University Press. March, 2011.

Patrolling Chaos: The United States Border Patrol in Deep South Texas (Texas Tech University Press, August, 2006, paperback).

Waltzing with the Ghost of Tom Joad: Poverty, Myth, and Low-Wage Labor in Oklahoma: Robert Lee Maril. University of Oklahoma Press, 2000. Paperback 2002.

"The Socio-Economic Impact of the McAllen Sector Border Patrol Upon Hidalgo Country." Alberto Davila and Robert Lee Maril. McAllen, Texas. 2001.

Earthquakes, Fracking, and Governmental Leadership: A Regional Study of Oklahoma