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The Sociology Department at East Carolina University is committed to helping its students achieve their personal and professional goals. From the undergraduate curriculum to the graduate level, department faculty actively engage students, fostering a sound comprehension of sociology and the role it plays in today's world.  Through coursework, internships, and research opportunities, students build skills and experience to make them competitive in today's economy. All Sociology students are assigned to a Sociology faculty member for advising, providing them with an immediate one-on-one connection to faculty in the Department. The department also maintains a Blackboard advising site for Sociology majors, with answers to frequently asked questions, resources on campus, and announcements about jobs and other opportunities of interests to Sociology students.

The Department of Sociology currently has 20 faculty members, offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees, and contributes to numerous interdisciplinary programs on campus, including the Ph.D. program in Coastal Resources Management, the M.A. in Sustainable Tourism, the B.A. in Women's Studies, the B.A. in Religious Studies, and minors in Coastal Studies, Film Studies, and Women's Studies.

Both faculty and students participate actively in professional organizations, like the American Sociological Association and the Southern Sociological Society. East Carolina also hosts its own sociology organizations which include the Undergraduate Sociological Society, Graduate Sociological Society and  international sociological honor society, Alpha Kappa Delta.