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Tracie Gardner

Teaching Assistant Professor
Brewster A-403

Curriculum Vita

My interests in Sociology began when I moved to Eastern NC from Detroit, MI at the age of nine. I was struck by the segregation that still persists, along with the vast differences in rural vs. urban regions. Since then, those interests have grown and I've developed an interest in gender, religion and the law.

I graduated from East Carolina University with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Religious Studies in 1994. I then earned my MA in Sociology from ECU in 1996. Upon graduation, I relocated to CA where I taught for California State University for 18 years. I also worked on many state and nationwide research projects, giving me "real world" experience as a researcher outside of an academic setting. In 2013, I graduated from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, CA. In 2014, I returned to my roots in eastern NC, and had the honor of returning to East Carolina University as a faculty member. I was sworn in as a member of the NC Bar Association in June 2016, and although I plan to continue teaching, at some point I will practice law part time or on a pro bono basis, most likely in the areas of family law or criminal law.