Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Dean's Office Contacts

William M Downs

Dr. William M. Downs
252-328-6249 |

Gina Betcher

Ms. Gina Betcher
Pre-Award Grants Manager
252-737-4389 |

Ms. Betcher furthers the research mission of the College by assisting faculty and department staff with all aspects of developing competitive proposals in a timely fashion. She also presents and coordinates informational sessions on RAMSeS, budget guidelines and narrative development, sponsor regulations and requirements, funding opportunities, ECU compliance and adherence to other guidelines.

Cindy Putnam Evans

Dr. Cindy Putnam-Evans
Associate Dean for Research
Phone: 252-328-4395 |

Dr. Putnam-Evans administers the college research awards and the Glaxo Scholars Program. She disseminates information relating to funding available for college researchers and reviews and approves grant proposals. In addition, Dr. Putnam-Evans serves as liaison between the college and the university's Division of Research, Office of Sponsored Programs, and Grants Administration.

Todd Berry

Mr. Todd Berry
Associate Dean for Resource Management
252-328-6473 |

In his role, Mr. Berry oversees the management of Harriot College resources, including faculty positions and operating budgets.

Debby Diffenbaugh

Debby Diffenbaugh
Administrative Associate
252-737-1755 |

Ms. Diffenbaugh is an administrative associate for the Harriot College Dean's Office and is the first point of contact for many visitors to the college. She assists the Dean and Executive Assistant with the day-to-day duties required to keep the office running smoothly.
Lacey Gray

Ms. Lacey L. Gray
Director of Marketing and Communications
252-737-1754 |

Ms. Gray presents news from the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences through the creation and distribution of stories, press releases, media advisories, alumni updates, event announcements, and Voyages of Discovery publicity. She maintains and updates content on the college's web site and social media pages, and she coordinates the publication of Cornerstone, Harriot College's annual alumni magazine.

Scott Jamieson

Mr. Scott Jamieson
Post-Award Grants Manager
252-737-5178 |

Mr. Jamieson provides post-award assistance, which includes overseeing grant expenditures and budgets, ensuring compliance with both internal and external policies and procedures, reviewing terms and conditions of awards with investigators, assisting in hiring grant personnel, timely requests of project extensions, developing spending plans, assisting in award close-out, and providing training to post-award personnel.

Angela Knight

Ms. Angela Knight
Budget and Resource Coordinator
252-328-1528 |

In her role, Ms. Knight is responsible for monitoring, approving and processing financial transactions for the 16 departments and 17 interdisciplinary programs in Harriot College. She is the liaison between college administrators and financial services, academic affairs, the foundations office, special funds office, and materials management. In addition, she is responsible for individual and group training of SHRA employees in budget-related positions within the college.

Edu Leorri

Dr. Eduardo Leorri
Associate Dean for Planning, and Interim Chair of Foreign Languages and Literatures
252-737-2529 |

Dr. Leorri's duties include oversight of college space allocation, oversight of the Harriot College departments' outcome assessments, serving as a liaison to the SACS Planning Group and Compliance Certification Council, serving as a liaison to IPAR and ensuring the integrity of COACHE, Delaware, and CUPA reports, and monitoring and analyzing college SCH production.

Derek Maher

Dr. Derek Maher
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
252-328-5332 |

Dr. Maher is responsible for the College's undergraduate education and interdisciplinary programs, including advising faculty members on curriculum development, study abroad programs, scholarships, and academic policies. He also leads the Undergraduate Council that seeks to promote student success, improve graduation rates, enhance instruction, and strengthen general education.

Vacant Staff Position Photo

Pre-Award Grants Manager
252-737-5438 | 

 provides pre-award grants management services to the College of Engineering and Technology, Harriot College's Departments of Chemistry and Physics, and the College of Business.

Denise Miller

Ms. Denise Miller
Executive Assistant
252-328-6249 |

Ms. Miller is the business operations officer for the Dean's Office, executive assistant to the Dean, SPA employment manager, EPA recruitment coordinator and Dean's liaison with the 16 departments in the college.

Tina Moore

Ms. Tina Moore
College Resource Coordinator
252-328-6977 |

Ms. Moore assists the associate dean for resource management and the budget and resource coordinator with positions and budget resources within Harriot College.

Staff Placeholder

Ms. April Dorcent
College Personnel Coordinator
252-737-1929 |

Ms. Dorcent is one of two College Personnel Coordinators in the Dean's Office who serve as the point-of-contact for EHRA personnel issues. She reviews and assists with all EHRA personnel actions for the departments of Anthropology; Criminal Justice; Economics; English; Foreign Languages and Literatures; Geography, Planning and Environment; Philosophy and Religious Studies; and Political Science.

Jessica C. Nottingham

Ms. Jessica C. Nottingham
Director of Alumni Relations and Outreach
252-737-1753 |

Ms. Nottingham enhances the engagement and investment of alumni and friends of the college. She manages the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Advancement Council, donor events and communications, and other alumni and donor activities at the college level.

Dr. Heather Ries

Dr. Heather Ries
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
252-328-4248 or 252-328-6552 |

In her role, Dr. Ries administers assistantships and tuition remissions for the college. She acts as a liaison between college departments and the graduate school for issues pertaining to policies governing graduate education, graduate student funding, and graduate curriculum development.

Staff Placeholder

Ms. Tawnee Philippon
College Personnel Coordinator
252-737-4373 |

Ms. Philippon is one of two College Personnel Coordinators in the Dean's Office who serve as the point-of-contact for EHRA personnel issues. She reviews and assists with all EHRA personnel actions for the departments of Biology; Chemistry; Geological Sciences; History; Mathematics; Physics; Psychology; Sociology; University Studies; and the Dean's Office.


Dr. Liza Wieland

Dr. Liza Wieland
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Development
252-328-5564 |

In her role, Dr. Wieland oversees distance education for the college, assists departments and faculty with the promotion and tenure process, and leads promotion and tenure workshops and new faculty orientation.