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THCAS Staff Council Updates

Council Subcommittees

Dear THCAS Staff Members,

I am proud to introduce to you the inaugural Executive Committee for the new THCAS Staff Council.

THCAS Staff Council Mission Statement:

The mission of THCAS Staff Council is to aid in the strategic planning goal of establishing an environment conducive to the recruitment, retention, development, and recognition of THCAS staff and to serve as an advisory committee and a collective voice to convey ideas, information, and recommendations to College Administration regarding the interest and concerns of the staff.

Our goal is to continually improve operations and build a sense of community and environment of respect and fairness by facilitating effective communication among Staff, Administration, Faculty, and Students.

A call for THCAS Staff Council Executive Committee nominations was sent out on Friday, May 13, 2016. Seven THCAS staff members were nominated (self-nominations were accepted). At the THCAS Staff Council Planning Meeting held on Monday, June 6, 2016 a voting election was held for all nominees. Each position was voted unanimously by all present. A representative from the Dean's Office was chosen to serve a one-year term as an ex-officio committee member.

Each committee member will serve a two-year term, unless they leave THCAS. After the election, the Executive Committee members established subcommittees based on ideas from the planning meetings.

Participation in the college Staff Council is strictly voluntary. It is designed to create a forum for SHRA (SPA) staff to foster a sense of community, while forming a collective voice within the college. Our hope is to provide access and information about staff policies, university news, upcoming events, staff incentives and more.

We are all very excited to serve as your THCAS Staff Council Executive Committee.

Thank you,

Ginger Grimes
Chair of the THCAS Staff Council Executive Committee