Advising Frequently Asked Question

While you will need your registration pin from your academic advisor, you can view a valuable tutorial here. Although this link brings you to the Online DE tutorials page, it is applicable to ALL students. This link will also provide additional information about Onestop, Banner, Blackboard and Piratemail.

A minimum of 2.0 gpa overall, and in your major.

It depends on a major. For example, a grade of "C" is required for major classes. Check with your academic advisor if you have questions.

What do they mean, and should I do them? They are ONLY for 1000 & 2000 level classes; retake the class if you can significantly improve the grade. If you are replacing a "D" it will not add any hours, which may affect financial aid and progress toward graduation.

Foreign Language 1002; you MUST get a C (minimum) to survive 1003, B is better. You walk into 1003, and the teacher is no longer speaking English. Period.

No; if you have credit for it, subtract the two hours from your total hours.

For the College of Technology and Computer Science, MATH 1065 is required.

Natural Sciences (SC) requirements may be taken from one department; or Humanities & Fine Arts (H/FA) you need to have at least 1 hour from the humanities (philosophy, literature, etc.), and at least one hour from the Fine Arts (music, art, theatre, etc.); for Social Sciences (SO),you need to have your 12 hours from at least three different fields (anthropology, economics, geography, history, etc.).

Yes; your DD-214 will place you out of both HLTH 1000 & EXSS 1000. Take it to admissions.

First, you must complete all the requirements to graduate in your program; while you are working on that, complete a senior summary, do an exit survey, and apply to graduate.