Advising Appointments

The Advising Center staff operates primarily through appointments for the purpose of maximizing the one-on-one attention needed by students. Therefore, making appointments ensures that your needs are met in an effective and timely manner.

Important Appointment Facts

Peak Times - During peak times, such as pre-registration and registration, it is important to set up an appointment early, as there are times when our advisors are booked two weeks or more in advance. Plan ahead! Advisors will generally start to send out reminder emails to make a registration appointment around six weeks prior to the start of registration each semester.
Reminders - Advisors typically send out reminders via e-mail to students about six weeks prior to the start of registration each semester.
Final Decision - Academic advisors assist in the decision making process, but students holds the responsibility of making the final decisions about their academic careers.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Office Visit – We are located on the ground floor of the Rawl Annex between the Rawl Building and the Science and Technology Building. Our office hours are Monday – Friday between 8am-5pm. (See Map)
Pirate Portal – Students can schedule an appointment through Pirate Portal with the Student Scheduler.
Engineering Students – Engineering Students will contact their advisor directly in the engineering department in Slay Hall for appointment/meeting information.
Phone – (252) 328-9301

Student Responsibilities

Remember to come to appointments prepared with any necessary information which is prudent to the advising process. This includes, but is not limited to:

Records – Maintain and document your own records and academic progress; Appointments – Be on time for all scheduled appointments;
Announcements – Look for catalog and course announcements;
Email – Check your ECU Pirate Mail account daily as advisors will contact you regularly regarding appointments, important dates and upcoming events;
Check Sheet – Bring updated check sheets for your major to all meetings with advisors;
Be Prepared – Have your list of desired courses and questions prepared for meetings with advisors.