Construction Management Faculty


Syed M. Ahmed

Chair and Professor
Rawl 346-B
Phone Number:
 (252) 328-6958

Teaching Interests:

I have always tried to use innovative tools and techniques in my teaching such as problem-based learning, case studies and have encouraged the students to learn to work together effectively in groups by assigning them group projects.  Individual and group presentations are a cornerstone of the group projects and help the students tremendously in developing strong communication skills which are so vital in the construction industry.  At the undergraduate level, my teaching interests are Construction Scheduling, Construction Economic Analysis, Construction Contracts, and Construction Safety.  At the graduate level, my teaching interests are Research Methods in Construction, Decision & Risk Analysis in construction, Economic Planning for Construction, International Construction, Construction Safety Management, TQM & Planning in Construction, Construction Cost Analysis & Control, Construction Productivity in Construction, Advanced Planning & Scheduling in Construction, Construction Marketing, Construction Financial Management and Lean Construction & Integrated Project Delivery Systems in Construction. 

Research Interests:

I have conducted extensive research and consulting in the area construction delays, schedule analysis, and construction safety –a most vital area within construction because of its severe impact on human life, direct and indirect costs and construction productivity.  My peer-reviewed publications have been in the areas of risk analysis and management, construction contracts, construction project management, IT in construction, quality management and quality assurance systems.  These articles have included ISO 9000, construction modernization and education, engineering and technology education, project and business risk management, contract management, construction safety management, construction coordination and construction information technology.  

I am serving as the Specialty Editor, ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering &Management and as the Associate Editor of the Built Environment Project &Asset management (BEPAM) Journal, Emerald Insight Publishers (Taylor &Francis).  I have served as a reviewer for several publications: the Journal of Management in Engineering (JME) and Construction Engineering &Management (CEM), published by the American Society of Civil Engineers; the Associated Schools of Construction's (ASC) International Journal of Construction Education and Research; Journal of Construction Management &Economics (CME); International Journal of Construction Management; Journal of Computer-Aided Civil & Infrastructure Engineering, and Journal of Cost Analysis & Control.