Engineering Research

ECU Engineering faculty are involved in a wide range of research with collaborators from across the university and many collaborations with external partners. The diversity of the research mirrors the diversity of our faculty and includes topics including:

Acoustics and Vibrations
Additive manufacturing
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous vehicles
Biological extractions
Biothermal Engineering
Capstone Design Pedagogy
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Consumer physiological response
Cryoablation of biomaterials
Design processes
Ecological Engineering
Edema measurement
EEG  Analysis  and Interpretation
Energy Efficiency

Engineering Education
Engineering Management
Healthcare system analysis and modeling
Image Analysis and Processing
Multicomponent textile recycling
Pharmaceutical manufacturing
Physiological Modeling
Power Electronics
Power generation and distribution
Quality control processes
Remote Sensing
Renewable Energy
Tissue Engineering
Water Quality Monitoring
Research InterestS

Click on the faculty name below to see a one-page slide on their research interests.

Dr. Tarek Abdel-Salam, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies

Dr. Arun Aneja, Teaching Associate Professor 

Dr. Ricky Castles, Associate Professor 

Dr. Gene Dixon, Professor

Dr. Kurabachew Duba, Assistant Professor

Dr. James Randall Etheridge, Assistant Professor

Dr. Faete Filho, Assistant Professor 

Dr. Stephanie George, Associate Professor

Dr. Hayden Griffin, Professor

Dr. Shanyue Guan, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ed Howard, Associate Professor

Dr. Colleen Janeiro, Teaching Assistant Professor 

Dr. BJ Kim, Associate Professor

Dr. Sunghan Kim, Associate Professor

Dr. Jinkun Lee, Assistant Professor

Dr. Loren Limberis, Associate Professor

Dr. Barbara Muller-Borer, Professor

Dr. Michelle L. Oyen, Associate Professor

Mr. Brent Reed, Teaching Instructor

Dr. John Reis, Professor

Dr. Teresa Ryan, Assistant Professor

Dr. Raymond Smith, Assistant Professor

Dr. Brian Sylcott, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ali Vahdati, Assistant Professor

Dr. Chris Venters, Assistant Professor

Dr. Jason Yao, Professor 

Dr. Zhen Zhu, Assistant Professor

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