CET Laboratory Support

The CET laboratories are used to support our four departments' instructional courses, and the research and development work conducted by our faculty. We have over forty laboratories that encompass over thirty-five thousand square feet. To learn more about our laboratories, any ECU student, staff or faculty can access the CET lab website below. The laboratories are maintained by our college lab supervisors.

What support does our CET laboratory supervisors provide?

  • Interact with faculty and chairs as required to support the College instructional laboratories.
  • Ensure assigned laboratories are in an effective operational condition to support course expectations and outcomes.
  • Interact with CET departments and other colleges within the university to support effective delivery of lab instruction.
  • Participate in the development of laboratory policies.
  • Ensure all lab attendees follow our CET Safety Policy.
  • Demonstrate laboratory procedures to students and provide laboratory instrument training.
  • Provide continuous improvement to our labs by adding next generation lab equipment.

How can I find information about our college labs?

Go to our CET laboratory website link:

By clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of each web page, you may view any of our CET labs. The tab number at the top of the page is the lab's room number in our Science & Technology building.

On these sites you will find for each lab: our Safety Policies & Procedures, lab Safety Plans, link to Safety Module Training, Equipment Manuals, Lab Experiments &Procedures, SDS, Equipment & Chemical Inventories, and much more; including a picture slide show of the lab.