Office of the Dean

The Dean's Office provides leadership, support and administration for programs and services that benefit the College of Engineering and Technology. The Dean's Office works closely with faculty on new program development, faculty hiring, appointments and positions as well grants, contracts and budgetary items.


Dr. Harry Ploehn, Dean, (252) 328-9600

Dr. Leslie Pagliari, Associate Dean & Professor, (252) 328-9663

Dr. Tarek Abdel-Salam, Associate Dean & Professor, (252) 328-9649

Mr. Scott Snead, CITE Director, (252) 328-9654

Mrs. Bonnie C. Eshelman, Executive Assistant, (252) 328-9604

Ms. Debbie Little, Administrative Support Associate, (252) 328-9600

Ms. Sandra Barfield, College Personnel Coordinator, (252) 328-9605

Mr. Daniel Byrum, Administrative Support Specialist, (252) 737-2659

Mr. Jules Norwood, Public Communications Specialist

CET Tech Support

Joel Sweatte, Director of Information Technology, (252) 328-9439

Randy Godwin, Technical Support Analyst, (252) 328-9628

Mr. Jason Gray, Technical Support Analyst, (252) 328-9629

John Jones, Instructional Technology Consultant, (252) 737-1940

Keith Thomson, Instructional Technology Consultant, (252) 737-1978

Laboratory Supervisors

Chad Spruill, Director of Lab Operations, (252) 737-1992

Chris Cone, Lab Supervisor, (252) 737-1991

Andy Wilson, Lab Supervisor, (252) 737-1931

Josh Pitzer, Lab Supervisor, (252) 737-4974