Center for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering

Affiliate Faculty

Faculty contribute to the interdisciplinary Center for Sustainability in many and varied ways reflecting the multidisciplinary interest on campus in sustainability and a generous willingness to engage in the research, teaching and outreach activities of the center.  Examples of these contributions include recruiting and mentoring students, external funding activities, special projects and initiatives, teaching core courses, interdisciplinary research and publication efforts and on hosting visiting scholars, among others. Faculty affiliates are encouraged to cross over with other disciplines in research interests to the extent possible in order to become fully aware of, and take advantage of, the many interdisciplinary approaches and opportunities.

Dr. Ranjeet Agarawala
- Technology Systems
Dr. Syed Ahmed
- Construction Management
Dr. Amin Akhnoukh
- Department of Construction Management
Dr. Jo Anne Balanay
- Health Education and Promotion
Dr. David Batie
- Construction Management
Dr. Sushil Chaturvedi
- Thermo Fluids, Mechanical Engineering, ODU
Dr. Robert Chin
- Technology Systems
Dr. Scott Curtis
- Geography
Dr. Kanchan Das
- Technology Systems
Dr. Cynthia Deale
- Hospitality Leadership
Dr. Daniel Dickerson
Department of STEM CoRE
Dr. Kurbachew Duba
- Department of Engineering
Dr. Mehran Elahi
- Technology, ECSU
Dr. Nehad Elsawaf
- Economics
Dr. Akbar Eslami
- Technology, ECSU
Dr. Faete Filho
- Engineering
Dr. Jacob Hochard
- Economics
Dr. Krishnanand Kaipa
- Collaborative Robotics, Mechanical Engineering, ODU
Jim Kleckley
- Director: Bureau of Business Research
Jamie Kruse
- Economics
Dr. Kuldeep Rawat
- Technology, ECSU
Dr. Jeffrey Rousch
-Natural Sciences, ECSU
Dr. Carmine Scavo
- Political Science
Mr. Joshua Stevens
- Applied Engineering, Wilson Community College
Paige Viren
- Recreation & Leisure Studies
Dr. George Wang
- Construction Management
Mel Weber
- Hospitality Leadership
Dr. Chao (Luna) Xiao
- Department of Construction Management