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Program Summary
The Arts and Education Leadership Institute presented one large college workshop for the entire educational faculty within the College of Fine Arts and Communication and community arts representatives. The college level workshop featured Elizabeth Gombash, an interdisciplinary speaker of national prominence with a background in Art Education. The workshop was held on August 27, 2010 and “sparked” many smaller workshops – at least one in each of the education degree programs in the college that resulted in “flames” of creative leadership.

The goal, to provide encouragement and training for Arts Education professionals to become agents of change through inspirational and creative leadership workshops was met.

The objectives, which were measured by reflection and surveys, are subjective among each participant and are as follows:

  • Enhance creative leadership knowledge and practice
  • Gain insight from colleagues through group discussion
  • Identify interest in pursuing grant opportunities for the arts

The college workshop served 26 participants: 9 education faculty from the School of Art and Design, 6 education faculty from the School of Music, 3 education faculty from the School of Theatre and Dance, 1 arts education supervisor in the public schools, 2 community arts representatives, 1 interim director of the Institute of Outdoor Drama, 1 IT expert and 3 administrators from the college office.  An iChat discussion was held between participants and featured speaker. Each participant was given a copy of the book: The Dance of Leadership by Robert B. Denhardt and Janet V. Denhardt. 

School Events

The School of Art and Design (SoAD)
SoAD presented four workshops on Creative Leadership. This portion of the BB&T grant also was used to fund the education portion of the Youth Art Exhibition Project (YEAP) as well as to collaborate with the ECU College of Education by scheduling the first workshop to coincide with the ECU Gifted Education 2010 Conference. Individuals participating in all four workshops and the YEAP in February 2011 will receive one CEU.

1.    September 21, 2010: Creativity Presentation: Creativity and Problem Solving in Education by Mark Runco
2.    October 26, 2010: Elegant Problem Model of Creativity by Sandra Kay
3.    October 29, 2010: The Creative Process: From a writer’s and an artist’s point of view by Stuart Kestenbaum and Paulus Berebsohm
4.    November 30, 2010: Big C, little c Creativity by the School of Art and Design Faculty

Summary of Participation: 169 participants: 139 on –campus and 30 through distance education. Public school administrators and teachers, ECU faculty from the SoAD and Gifted Education graduate students and undergraduate students.

The School of Art and Design (SoAD)
The School of Theatre and Dance –Dance (SoTD-Dance) presented a series of four lecture-demonstrations exploring the topic: Fostering an Understanding of the Contribution of Public School Dance Education to Emergent Leadership Skills. Individuals participating in all four workshops will receive .75 CEU.

1.    September 28, 2010: Understanding the development of the creative process in dance at the elementary school level with emphasis on integrating dance with math and science concepts by Susan Hunnicutt Nguyen
2.    October 19, 2010: Exploring the transition from creative process to technical skill development in dance at the middle school level with emphasis on building emergent leadership skills with at-risk youth by Freddie-Lee Heath
3.    October 26, 2010: Developing leadership skills through dance at the high school level with emphasis on dance composition as a reflection of lived experience by Jill Holcroft Williams.
4.    November 2, 2010: Fostering leadership skills through the creative process in dance with emphasis on building global communities by Jane A. Peele

Summary of Participation: 68 participants: 50 students, 10 public school dance educators, 3 arts administrators, and 5 faculty members.

The School of Music (SoM)
SoM presented a two-day seminar entitled Leadership in Music Education and Music Therapy. The presenter was Dr. Clifford Madsen, the Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music Education/Music Therapy/Contemporary Media at Florida State University. The Leadership Seminar included three sessions:

1.    October 20, 2010: Current Trends and Practices in Music Therapy (attended by 28 students and 7 faculty members)
2.    October 21, 2010: Developing Leadership Skills in the Music Environment (attended by 78 students and 9 faculty members)
3.    October 21, 2010:Music Education Advocacy: Developing Leaders for the Music Education Profession (attended by 48 students, 9 faculty members, and 1 music educator)

Summary of Participation: 180: 154 music education/music therapy students, 25 faculty members, and a music educator.