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Our Staff

2015-16 SCC Staff

(from left to right: Katherine Hyatt-Hawkins, Samantha Jimenez, Alyssa Gutierrez, Crystal Stroman)

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  • Dr. Pamela Hopkins, Speech Communication Center coordinator (to the right), graduated from Clemson University with a B.A in English and a minor in Communications. She also holds an M.A in Speech Communications from Penn State, and a Ph. D. in Technical and Professional Discourse from ECU. Dr. Hopkins teaches both on-line and face-to-face classes in Public Speaking, Fundamentals of Speech Communication, and Communication Theory. Dr. Hopkins is passionate about the importance of verbal communication, and enjoys working with students, faculty members and staff as they improve all aspects of their public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Crystal M. Stroman is from Tarboro, NC and a graduate student in the School of Communication . Crystal earned her undergraduate degree in Communication from NC State University, where she formed a strong background in public relations, journalism, public speaking and overall communication skills. Her personal communication interests include media, gender relations, and cultural studies.
  • Alyssa Gutierrez  graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a degree in communication with a concentration in Public Relations. As a PR practitioner, Alyssa believes that communicating effectively in public is one of the most important skills any professional can have. She enjoys seeing people improve their public speaking skills and looks forward to working with students as well as members of the community.
  • Katherine Hyatt Hawkins earned her undergraduate degree in Communication and Psychology from the University of Dayton. She has a particular interest in health communication, both on an interpersonal and organizational level. Additionally, Katherine enjoys working with students and staff to improve upon their communication skills, whether it is in a typical public speaking setting, a group meeting or class discussion.
  • Samantha Jimenez is the Speech Communication Center intern. She is originally from Yonkers, New York and is an undergraduate student studying communication with a focus in Public Relations and a minor in Hispanic studies. Samantha is a junior here at ECU and enjoys being an orientation assistant and ECU Ambassador.