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Equipment and Procedures


We have a limited amount of equipment and are in the process of phasing out our equipment check out process.

Journalism concentration students who enrolled in 2015-16 and going forward are required to purchase their own camera equipment before registering for COMM 2225, Video News Production. This equipment will be used in multiple upper level journalism and internship opportunities.

Equipment includes HD video camera with memory drive and or hard drive, tripod, wireless microphone and memory card if your camera does not have a hard drive. An equipment case is also recommended.

For your convenience, we have established a relationship with a local camera shop, ASAP camera, who can provide you with the proper equipment. Programs are available to purchase this equipment on a rent- to-own basis which includes repair and replacement. Contact ASAP photo in Greenville, NC at 252-321-8888. Please contact your instructor if you have any questions concerning equipment.

Students who started their careers at ECU in 2014-2015 or before may continue to check out equipment.

taking media courses in the School of Communication who require the check out of audio and video equipment will be issued bar codes (faculty pass out bar code applications for eligible students during the first week of class each semester). All equipment in the Joyner East 105 A/V Lab is bar coded. Bar codes are only issued to students the first month of any given semester.

While you are enrolled in broadcast journalism you will have access to thousands of dollars worth of television equipment. When you sign your bar code application, you take responsibility for the safe return of any equipment checked out by you. Never hand off equipment to another student in the school to be returned "for you." This is an invitation to a disaster; you are responsible for checking-in your own equipment. The gear is to be used for course projects only. Personal use of the equipment is strictly forbidden.


Lab personnel and lab assistants are responsible for checking out and checking back in the audio and video equipment. Lab assistants also monitor lab activities in other labs in the school. Lab assistants are not responsible for teaching students how to use software or hardware. Faculty members are responsible for teaching students the proper care and operational procedures of the video/audio equipment, as well as how to use video and audio editing software. If the equipment is broken or malfunctioning, let the lab staff know so it can be repaired. Students are expected to exercise care, common sense and good judgment when using any lab equipment. Respect the delicacy and expense of the gear that is provided to you; a student who fails to do so may be held financially responsible for repair or replacement.

The Equipment Checkout Lab

Location: Video production equipment is obtained from the Checkout Lab in Joyner East 105. 

Lab Manager (Tom McQuaid) phone: 252.328.0424

Lab Hours: Lab hours change due to the availability of Lab Assistants. Normal operating hours run from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Procedures: You must bring equipment in 15 minutes before the lab closes so the lab assistant has time to check it and put it away. Do NOT return equipment during hours a when lab assistant is not available (Tom McQuaid may be willing to help if a lab assistant is unavailable). The gear is to be used for classroom projects only; however, you are welcome to check out the gear to practice shooting, but try to do this near the beginning and not the end of the semester.

Time Limits: Video equipment may be checked out in the morning and returned before 4 p.m. the next day. Extra time may be requested in writing, ask the lab assistant for a Weekend or Two Day Checkout form; the form requires a faculty member's signature. Please return the various cameras, tripods, microphones and associated video production equipment as quickly as possible. Remember, others have projects to work on as well. Failure to return past due equipment will result in revocation of check out privileges.

Avoiding & Reporting Problems with Equipment

When you check out the equipment, inspect everything before you leave the building. Make sure all equipment is in working order. When you return the gear, the lab assistant will verify that everything is accounted for and in good condition before checking the equipment in. If you break something, please let us know. Under the checkout system, it's easy to find out who had the gear when something was broken. Be honest! When it comes to something like light bulbs, they occasionally blow out. Just let us know and we'll replace the bulbs. We understand that bulbs blow out, and you will not be held responsible for routine bulb failure. The lab operates best if you check your video recording IMMEDIATELY after you return from shooting. If you spot a problem related to the equipment, tell the lab assistant so that the defective equipment can be removed from circulation, which will prevent other students from having the same experience. So just pop your tape in a machine in the Joyner East 105 Lab and give it a quick check.

Equipment FAQs

For additional information about lab equipment and procedures, download our FAQs sheet.