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The School of Communication offers seven scholarship opportunities for currently enrolled students.

David B. Martin Memorial Scholarship Fund ($1,000)
Eligibility: Junior and Senior Journalism Majors only. Evidence of service required. 3.0 GPA or higher

Lester C. & Alta M. Rees Memorial Scholarship Fund ($750)
Eligibility: Undergraduate Communication Majors, with preference given to out-of-state students

Michael Aho Annual Scholarship for Communication ($1,000)
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Graduate Communication Majors

School of Communication ($1,000)
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Graduate Communication Majors. 3.0 GPA or higher

J Public Relations Scholarship ($1,000)
Eligibility: Public Relations Majors

CommCrew Scholarship ($1,000)
Eligibility: Undergraduate Communication Majors

Dr. Cindy Elmore Excellence in Communication Scholarship ($1000)
Eligibility: Undergraduate Distance Education Communication Majors

To Apply

Unless otherwise noted above, students interested in applying for a scholarship will need to submit the following:

Begin Applying: November 1, 2017
Deadline: January 15, 2018

Apply at:

  1. A completed application
  2. At least two relevant work samples limited to 12 pages total or 20 minutes total*
    *Work samples include academic papers [note if paper has won award/been submitted for entry in contests, etc.)], published/broadcast news work (print/video/audio/web/multiplatform), and press kit materials, as well as other samples demonstrating quality work in the communication field. Work that has been published or otherwise created for professional field, such as for an internship or freelance job, will be regarded the most highly as compared to work generated for a course.

The scholarship selection occurs during the beginning of the spring semester.  For more information, contact Barbara Bullington, Joyner East 208-A,

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