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Dr. Brian Massey, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Florida State University, 1997
Master's, University of West Florida, 1988
Bachelor's, University of West Florida, 1980 

Research Topics (Areas of Interest):

Online/convergence journalism, journalist job satisfaction and work motivation

Selected Research Publications:

2009 (in press). Chang, L-J.A., and Massey, B.L. Work motivation and journalists in Taiwan and the US: An integration of theory and culture. Asian Journal of Communication.

2009 (in press). Massey, B.L., and Ewart, J. Australian journalists and commitment to organisational change: A longitudinal study. Media International Australia.

2008. Ewart J., and Massey, B.L. Corporate change in Australian regional newspapers. In State of the News Print Media in Australia, pp. 8-6 – 8-11, Sydney: Australian Press Council.

2007. Massey, B.L., and Ewart, J. Satisfaction of Australian newspaper journalists during organizational change. International Journal of Communication 17 (July-December): 59-78.

2006. Ewart, J., and Massey, B.L. Exploring factors that contribute to the use of ordinary people as news sources. Australian Journalism Review 28 (July): 103-124.

2005. Massey, B.L., and Luo, Wei. Chinese newspapers and market theories of Web Journalism. Gazette 67 (August): 359-371.

2004. Massey, B.L. Examination of 38 Web newspapers shows nonlinear storytelling rare. Newspaper Research Journal 25 (summer): 96-102.

2002. Massey, B.L., & Chang, A. Locating Asian values in Asian journalism: A content analysis of Web newspapers. Journal of Communication 52 (December): 987-1003.

2002. Massey, B.L., & Haas, Tanni. Does making journalism more public make a difference? A critical review of evaluative research on public journalism. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 79 (autumn): 559-586.

2000. Massey, B.L. Market-based predictors of interactivity at Southeast Asian online newspapers. Internet Research 10 (3), 227-

1999. Massey, B.L., & Levy, M.R. Interactive online journalism at English-language Web newspapers in Asia: A dependency theory analysis. Gazette 61 (6), 523-538.

1999. Massey, B.L., & Levy, M.R. Interactivity, online journalism, and English-language Web newspapers in Asia. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly 76 (1), 138-151.

Courses taught:
Media Writing, Basic Reporting, Advanced Reporting and Communication Research.
Additional information:
Dr. Massey edited and reported for daily and weekly newspapers in Florida, South Carolina and Texas. He was a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, and has lived and traveled abroad.