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School of Communication Welcomes Local Anchor as Fall Commencement Speaker

WITN News Anchor, Heather King will speak at the School of Communication fall recognition ceremony on Dec. 16. King has been waking up Eastern Carolina as WITN’s morning news anchor since 2002. A graduate of the University of Missouri, King worked at KOMU in Columbia, Mo., as a reporter and anchor. Her reporting has been recognized by the Associated Press, the Radio and Television News Directors Association, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Society of Environmental Journalists. When asked about the prospects for this year’s graduates who are interested in getting jobs in the broadcast field, King offered some unusual advice:

“The best advice on getting a job that I can share is how I got my job, which might seem even more insane to today’s graduates than it did to me nearly 10 years ago. In a world where text messaging and tweeting are replacing email as an easy way to communicate, it might seem overbearing to go about trying to get a job the way I did. However, it works. I physically went to the newsrooms where I wanted to get a job. Not every employer will respond positively, but others will (including the station that agreed to meet with me and offered me a job 24 hours later). ‘Getting your foot in the door’ sometimes literally takes putting one foot in front of another, and going to the place, you want to work.”

Texting and tweeting do have their place King says. They are a regular part of the media business model these days. Fortunately, students are more prepared to face the challenges of incorporating social media into their everyday lives as journalists than their predecessors.

“Social networking has changed everything. Luckily, for graduates, they are well positioned to use the skills of social networking on a professional platform in a way those who have gone before might struggle to do. Pairing social networking skills with the core values of effective communication can be a winning combination for today’s graduates,” King said.

King and her husband, Chris, live in Greenville with their daughter, Lauren, and their dog, Dixie.

School of Communication Graduate Recognition Ceremony
Friday, December 16, 2011
Time: 8 p.m.
Location: Wright Auditorium
Note: Tickets are not required for the SOC December graduation.